Sunday, November 12, 2006

Q & A

Ok, posting every day is a challenge. I thought I might answer some questions that have gone unanswered in my comments. Exciting, eh? LOL

My Halloween pancakes were made with regular old cookie cutters. I tried pouring the batter into them in the skillet, but it was easier to just make regular pancakes and them cut out the shapes after the fact. (Plus, then I got to eat the scraps. Yummy.)

Jack's Halloween costume came from Old Navy. Yes, I sew a lot. BUT, I do not make clothes. Every time I have tried I end up disappointed and/or extremely frustrated. Clothes are clearly meant to come Old Navy.

The Halloween Play-doh were a huge pack of mini tubs from Costco.

The Halloween garlands came from Oriental Trading Company. Let them send their catalogues, their website is overwhelming!

Would I recommend the book Thrift Score? Well, I checked it out from the library, and read the whole thing in one day. It is interesting, but mostly filled with ideas on how to use things you can find in thrift stores, not really new information about thrifting per se.

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  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Wow! I stumbled upon the link to your blog when I curiously followed my way to the website from one of the never ending emails I receive from them!Yes, I am a blast from the H.S. past...But from reading your blog, and knowing you in school, I could have guessed what a wonderful, crafty, creative Mom you would be! How lucky your son is to have you for never ending ideas! I myself am a busy SAHM too with three kids 5 and under! My oldest just started Kindergarten and I am still in shock of how time has flown! Really have enjoyed reading your posts, your son is adorable. Maybe I should start my own blog of all MY adventures.. Take care!


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