Monday, November 20, 2006


So, remember that post about Jack being a little under the weather? Well, he has been crying and carrying on something terrible for 4 solid days. Obviously, I have done nothing, no laundry, no cooking, no breathing (ha!). The doctor this afternoon diagnosed his first ear infection. 2 years was a good long run, but, man oh man am I relieved to know that something really IS wrong! (I was desperately afraid this was the beginning of a really horrible terrible 2 thing.)

Have I mentioned I also have a huge vintage quilt collection? My mom found this adorable doggie quilt for Jack some time ago. Aren't they so cute? The piecing is amazing, I wish my own piecing were that good.

Speaking of which, my husband wants to know what I want for Christmas. I have no idea. Zero. Zippo. I said maybe some quilting classes. How about you? What are dreaming of under the tree?


  1. Its the absolute worse when the little ones don't feel weel(for all involved),but luckily they bounce back so quickly!

  2. Hope Jack feels better soon:)
    I am wanting old Enesco "Mother in The Kitchen" items for Christmas. I already have one on the way!

  3. Anonymous9:23 PM

    just in case your dr didn't give you any - ask for the ear drops! i went through several infections with my little guy before (switching dr's) being offered the drops - ah, the relief! the middle of the night relief!
    good luck!

  4. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Hope your little one feels better soon. Those ear infections must be really painful, ouch!

    I am in love with that quilt, those little doggies are so cute.

  5. Anonymous4:18 AM

    I'm sorry to hear that Jack has an ear infection, but I hope that is resolves soon!

    On my wish list are a book case with doors for our computer room at our real house, and an area rug to replace the fugly "came with the house" one in the master bedroom. Neither are really exciting ...

  6. Katrina and Jack must have been talking - she too has her first ear infection and I totally hear you on the crying, clinging mass that it has reduced my daughter to! She is on amoxicillian and Tylenol and both seem to be helping. I hope Jack feels better soon!

  7. I suffered through many ear infections as a child, having tubes in my ears 7 times. Ear drops definitely help clear the infection. I still get them but only 2x a year usually but it still is painful.

    What I need for Christmas is a winter jacket because I don't have one. zippo. The other thing I need is a pair of boots. What I that's a different story!! LOL I'd like a nice expensive pocketbook, a great flat long desk that could also be a craft table. Perfume..LOL. This list could go on and on!


  8. I'm late to respond to this post but best wishes for Jack! Ear infections are the worst. :(

    That doggie quilt makes me want to learn to quilt. Classes would be fun! I have no idea what I want for Christmas, maybe I'll ask for a new sewing machine. One that doesn't eat the thread ha ha.

  9. Okay, that's it! I want to go shopping with you! You find amazing things!


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