Friday, November 03, 2006

Thrifting with a purpose

I just finished reading Thrift Score. What does that have to do with my pantry? Well, while I was reading it I realized that I never thrift "with a purpose." We buy a lot of stuff secondhand - almost all of our furniture, Jack's toys, household and holiday decorations, etc. But, I never think that I could use another muffin tin and look for one while we are in the thrift store, instead we go to Target and buy a new one.

As it is, part of what I like about thrifting is that it happens organically. Find something interesting and buy it. Sort out what to do with it later. And, I still want to thrift that way, but, I also want to start trying to thrift with a "purpose", keeping a list of things we could use in my purse and trying to pick up a few things we need while thrifting. (We are going to be at the thrift store no matter what, right?)

So, back to the pantry. It was such a disaster that you could hardly even open the door in there anymore (thanks to Costco). I spent 3 hours sorting it out yesterday, and Jack spent 3 hours eating everything he could get his hands on. You know, the things that are usually doled out in small quantities? Cookies, crackers, and even cheetos! Anyway, while tidying it up, I put a lot of the things I had picked up this summer thrifting to good use. You probably remember the foreign language canisters? Now they are holding chocolate chips, pecans and marshmallows!

It felt terrific to get the pantry organized and to be able to do it with stuff that was just cluttering up the cabinets instead of buying something new to do the job.

How about you? Do you thrift for the fun of it? With a purpose? Or a little of both?


  1. That book sounds interesting. Would you recommend it?

    I thrift mostly for fun, but occasionally for a purpose. Last night I went looking for a wool blanket to felt so I could use it in a sewing project. Found one for 2.95--perfect!

  2. Unrelated, but didn't know if you go back to comments to read responses to ones you left, so:
    what's "punkin has k"? I looked at the picture for ages trying to figure out what "k" Jack is referring to!

  3. I thrift for both, purpose and fun. My purpose lately has been to redo my house because I had a fire in my duplex this summer and have had to replace over half of my things AND move unexpectantly. So...I have bought MANY things out of necessity and have been very lucky to pull our life back together materially so economically. I will be forever grateful to friends, family, yard sales, thrift stores and most importantly...the big guy in the sky who has watched over us during this turning point in our lives.
    The fun part has come now that we have most everything we need to get by, and now we are just thrifting to decorate and fill in the gaps.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has felt the need to declutter this week!! Your pantry looks great. I'm sure you feel better now too!

  4. I wish my pantry looked as lovely & organized!

  5. Anonymous3:28 PM

    it's hard to remember sometimes to check thrift first, and if it's something you need - it might take a while to find used. worth the attempt - unless it's a domestic emergency!

  6. Good job! There is something so rewarding about a clean pantry.

  7. I thrift mostly for fun but I do keep a list of things I "need" well things I WANT really. Sometimes I'll randomly call my Mom and say "can you find me one of those things that sits on the floor that holds your knitting?" She usually comes through for me. :) Your pantry looks great! Want to come do mine?? ;)


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