Friday, December 08, 2006

Aye, Aye Matey

I thrifted this pirate ship for Jack this week for under $3. I love that he loves it, it is pretty cool and not something I would have ordinarily bought. HOWEVER, the damn thing tried to kill us both this morning when I fell on one of the cannon balls that had been launched and forgotten. Yesterday when I asked Jack to clean up his shoes he actually said to me, "Are you out of your mind?" It was hard not to laugh.

It was generally a no good, very bad kind of morning, and then I noticed Jack was actually trying to put on his own shoes! We just had a talk yesterday about learning this skill, and he was actually trying. I was so proud.

I made Mary Engelbreit magnetic paper dolls yesterday. They are so easy. In her magazine there is a card with the dolls printed on it. I just printed them onto magnetic paper using the photo quality setting and cut them out. Quite therapeutic and good for toddlers, who have a tendency to tear up regular paper dolls in an instant.

And, one of my favorite Christmas decorations. A vintage paper mache Santa head. Mine has a bit of a hole in his head where some long ago mice had a little fun, so I just stick some vintage ornaments and millinery leaves in there to make him a little corsage.

P.S. If you are new here, leave me a note! Like everyone, I love reading your comments and visiting the blogs of my fellow bloggers. Besides, Jack doesn't bite, he only throws things. (But, do watch out for the matchbox cars, they could put an eye out.)


  1. *applause* for Jack learning to put on his shoes. :) xoxoxo

  2. Yeah for Jack! How did our parents cope before there were shoes with velcro?

  3. Anonymous4:56 PM

    We (well, Madeline, really) had a shoe success earlier this week. I think that she'd be more adept at self-care skills if I bought her clothing that was easier to pull off and put on.

    I have stepped on one of those cannon balls before, and plenty of pirates. Madeline has the 2005 version of the pirate ship - it looks a lot more cartoonish!

  4. That is one cool pirate ship! It looks like fun! And great idea on the paper dolls. Maren's too young yet, but I'll remember it for the future. I have a Xyron cartridge that is sticky on one side, magnetic on the back that would be perfect. I love paper dolls.

  5. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Oh I've missed loads of your posts. I absolutely adore the tinsel tree you are making and now want to have a go myself, unfortunately no Target in the UK so I need to do some serious looking through the Christmas stuff in stores. Congratulations on your anniversary hope you had a lovely day. What a great bargain that pirate ship was, even if it does prove a bit tricksy!

  6. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Jack sounds like a little smarty pants! I have the girl version of that here. LOL Those cannon balls are dangerous! Love your Santa!

  7. Anonymous3:00 AM

    HI, I'm enjoying your blog. I love the ME paper dolls and yay for Pirate ships! My daughter is older but there is still the danger of stepping on stuff. Lego in particular ARGH!


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