Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Crafting, 2 year old style

Ok, how freaking cute are these? I found the template at Kiddley yesterday, and the three of us spent the morning putting them together. Bits and pieces of ribbons, buttons, pom poms, patterned scrapbook paper, glitter glue and crayons fancy them up. I really love the ones where Jack gave them a "Dandy." (That is the name of his security blanket.)

Quick, go print your own and set your kids loose!

My version of the ever popular Little Birds Soft Trees . These are going to my mom for Christmas. I especially love the one with the red garland on it. I knew when I picked that ribbon up at IKEA a few years ago it would be useful for something!

Unbelievably, I still have at least 2 more projects in progress, and I need to buy my husband a present.

I think the blue tree is made out of some sort of paper. It has a tin star base that is marked Germany, and the branches make a star shape. I have another one that is similar, but the branches are more like tin foil instead of that pretty blue papery stuff. The silver foil ones come up on Ebay from time to time, but, I am not nearly as enamored with them as I am with the blue one.


  1. Your softie trees turned out great,oh,and my kitty is most definitely a yacker,but i have never seen evidence of ingested tinsel. He seems to throw up the same amount all year 'round!

  2. Love the trees AND Jack is quite the artist! I'll be in touch, crazy over here but i wanted to say hi and that your decorations and crafts are so inspiring! xoxoxo

  3. These are charming. Enjoy this 2 year old time, it goes sooo qiuck. Clarice

  4. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Hey Sarah,
    Just catching up on your week so far..Cute, cute, cute crafts!! You have such super ideas! Things are crazy here...but wanted to wish you a great holiday before I forget.. The holidays with a two year old are lots of fun!! Merry Christmas!

  5. I love those soft trees, the colour combo is delish!


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