Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Goodness

I picked up a freebie magazine in Hancock Fabrics, which had 100 sewing ideas for Christmas, and the word garlands were in there. I think they turned out cute! Except, I noticed after the fact that I had sewn the letters onto my special glow in the dark ric-rac. Ah well. That fabric that Rebecca sent me in the swap is really coming in handy for Christmas. (She also recently sent me a lovely unexpected gift, which I am hoping to get photographed this weekend.)

Some thrifted Christmas stuff from over the years. From top left, clockwise: an old Japanese santa display (I love the little trees and things in the chimney), plastic Santa cookie jar, some of my tiny wreath collection (the bright pink ones are from K-Mart, Martha Stewart a few years back, the others are old), and my kitchen curtains, such cute vintage fabric. I actually bought them thinking I would use the fabric for other projects, but they are a perfect fit in the kitchen. Serendipity.

And, last but not least!, a terrific package arrived from Heidi today. As you can see I already put the tablecloth on the table, it is the perfect size for our table, and I love it. And look there, cookie cutters like my mom and I always used when I was a kid, and mugs just like the ones I was oogling at Pixiegenne this morning, and polka dot bells and so much more. Thank you Heidi!!

Tomorrow, the Christmas tree photos. Wish me luck!


  1. What yummy Christmas goodies!

  2. Is the thing your little wreaths are hanging in an old window frame?
    Lovely chrissy things!

  3. oooh, that chimney is so cute! what a neat little find :)

    i just found your blog while trying to google "tinsel branch" and WOW yours turned out great! i'm sure it took forever! i can't find instructions anywhere, though! i looked around for your email address and didnt see it, so i thought maybe you'd see my post and be able to help me out- i have so much tinsel and i want to put it to use, but i dont know what kind of adhesive to use or how much to wrap at a time in order to make a branch. if it's not too much trouble, could you drop by my blog or email me? i would really appreciate it!

    oh yeah- i was happy to find another blogger from the midwest! most of the bloggers i know are from one of the coasts!

  4. Your garland turned out fabulously! Glad you are getting some use out of the things I sent. And that Heidi always put together such fabulous gifts! :) Can't wait to see the tree.

  5. peta, the wreaths are hanging in an old window frame. We got that one for free!


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