Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas is coming

And I am still decorating trees! We are up to 8 now, in various shapes and sizes. Dave found this lovely pink number at Home Depot for 50% off, and everyone knows I have been dying for a pink tree! So, up it went yesterday. It is smallish, probably 2.5 feet, but, man, did it take forever to find the right ornaments for it. (And I dropped the closet door on my foot in the meantime. Double ouch.)

Want to see some of my favorite ornaments?

These sugary Shiny Brites are my all time favorites. I have them in several colors and shapes.

The pink glittery oblong one is awesome.

This is a Martha Stewart faux feather tree that always sits on our bedroom fireplace mantel. I change the ornaments with the seasons/holidays. I got a bag full of these vintage Japan package tie ons at a sale this summer, and they are SO cute! Snowmen, Santas, Angels, wreaths. I love them all.

A bottle brush fruit wreath in one of my frames. My hallway is covered in EMPTY vintage frames. Some folks think it is wierd to have empty frames. Me? I think the frames are art.

Ok, back to the grind. I still have one present to sew and one diaper to change, stat!


  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    A pink tree! I'm so jealous, it's awesome!

    I love the idea of a hallway lined with empty picture frames, I don't think it's weird at all :o)

  2. Sarah! When I saw that tree I thought it was mine! The I saw it was decorated a lot better lol! You obviously don't have kids "helping". The colour theme is exactly what I was going for with my pink tree.
    I love that Martha Stewart tree. Do you decorate it for Valentines?

  3. Love it ALL,especially the empty frame/wreath ! All are magazine editorial ready!!!!

  4. Love the pink tree!!! We saw one the other day. Sadly the husband wasn't going for one. :(
    At our old house, we had empty frames lining our staircase wall. It was lovely and got a ton of complements. Our wall here just seems too long so they're still waiting for a home.

  5. I love your pink tree and your vintage ornaments. You are my kind of girl. I find that I am decorating right up until Christmas day. I'm not sure what my Sweet Hubby would say if I put up 8 trees though!

  6. Pink tree? Swoon! That one would be cute decorated for Valentine's also. I am amazed that you have 8 trees! I don't know where I would even put half that many. They're darling, and I'm so glad you've shared them with us!


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