Saturday, December 09, 2006

Chugging Along

So, I had sworn I was going to have all the Christmas decorating done by December 1, so I could spend the next 3 weeks crafting. Yea well, big dreams with one small toddler! I have been working most of the day on finishing the big Christmas tree (only 100 ornaments left to go!). And I am still chugging along on that tinsel branch. It takes a long time to wrap that thing, and of course, the birds still need glittering.

In light of my crazy desire to be done with a few projects, I sent my husband to the fabric store to hunt down some Merry Modernica fabric. I wanted it about 2 weeks ago, but Jack was acting crazy in the fabric store, and they take FOREVER in there. (Is it like that everywhere? I swear you can never get fabric cut and paid for in less than an hour around here.)

My husband comes chugging in the door with like 5 pounds of fabric and declares, "Dear, I went a little crazy in the fabric store." Did he ever! He bought me 5!! yards of the white Merry Modernica, I think 5 yards of the red, and a yard each of the cute flannels at the top. The pink measuring tape ribbon came from Michaels, in the scrapbooking stuff.

I would have only bought myself a yard. What a great husband.

And for the 25 days of Christmas, a pink bottle brush wreath, ebayed many moons ago. It is a lot pinker than it looks in our flourescent lights. (Great for the environment, not so great for lighting I think.)

Just a few more yards of that Merry Modernica and I could make Christmas curtains for that window...


  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    *Swoon* I love that fabric!! You do have a very sweet hubby! I'm excited for you!! LOL

    I promised myself I would have the decorating done by Dec. 1 and my house is a pitiful mess. At least the tree is up. At this stage I'm telling myself, "Next year. Definitely, next year."

  2. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Whoa! Your husband goes to the fabric store on his own? Mine won't even come inside the door ...

  3. My husband is the same, he HATES the fabric store! I adore that pink wreath, you seem to have all the good bottle brush stuff over there!

  4. Oh boy did you marry the right man! :) Can't wait to see what you whip up with that gorgeous fabric!

  5. Awwww...what a good hubby you have to do that for you! 5 yards..whoohooo....Tablecloths maybe?? And Napkins!

    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming creations. :)


  6. Anonymous5:02 AM

    reminds me of anne of green gables when matthew buys lbs and lbs of brown sugar!
    so... what are you going to do with it?
    love, love!

  7. What nice fabric! We put up our tree yesterday and I was thinking of you and your lovely decorations.

  8. WOW. I wish Luis would go crazy in the fabric store LOL. (In his defense, he did give me a gift card to Joann's for no reason the other day.) What are you going to make????

  9. What a sweet hubby! Love that fabric,yeah what are you gonna make?
    Really realy love that bottle brush wreath!

  10. That fabric is gorgeous - and yes, they take a long time EVERYWHERE!

  11. I still have no clue what I am going to make and Christmas is in a week! Better get busy though, eh?


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