Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A cloche renovation

I bought this cloche at Goodwill on Sunday. It is from last year's Christmas stuff at Target. It still had the tags on it, so I paid $2.99 for it. My husband and I had been admiring the cloches this year at Target, but, the prices make me cringe.

So, I did a little cloche renovation. I added beads and more of that Target tinsel to the trees. My husband made me the sweet little house, which I painted pink and put glass glitter, glass seed beads, and yes, more of the Target tinsel on. The little wooden angel is stamped Japan, she is part of a huge lot of them I bought this summer, in a ziploc bag covered with nasty old melted candle wax. They were candle holders for cupcakes in a former life. (It took some guts on my part to break off the pick part, I have a hard time "repurposing" vintage things.) And of course, the angel needed a tinsel halo, right?

The new bottom is wool felt, cut with my pinking shears. The tinsel on the glass part is the wider tinsel I showed you in the branch tinsel photo. The stuff on a roll, also from Target.

And this is what the craft store birds looked like before I glittered them for the branch.

It has been so nice to see comments from many new visitors! Because my own time to comment on all of your lovely blogs is so limited, I have removed the comment verification thing for now. I find that it really slows me down/prevents me from commenting on other blogs.

Also, I always notice how filthy the outside of our house is when I am cropping photos. We live in a rental that I swear has not seen a fresh lick of paint since 1969. I am going to get a magic eraser and try and clean that spot. Ignore the dirt smudges for now please!


  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    the cloche is MUCH improved! nice job!

  2. That is sooooo faboo! love ,love,love it!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! All of your decorations this year are gorgeous!!

  4. Totally in love all over again! I was looking for a cloche this year as well, but I never would have imagined such a beautiful scene...

  5. I can't believe the great things your Target has over there! What did your hubby use to make the sweet little house?

  6. So sweet and charming and creative!
    I am loving your pics.
    Such talent!

  7. Anonymous1:55 AM

    That is such a pretty house! I've never seen a cloche before, what a neat idea. Are they something you can buy with the scene in already? Not something I've ever seen in New Zealand.

  8. peta, my husband made the tiny house out of cardstock. He thinks he will make the bigger houses out of foam core.

  9. that is so cute! I love the re-do!


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