Saturday, December 30, 2006

It all started with...

At some point in early November I made this promise to myself that I was going to get every single one of my Christmas decorations out of storage this year. I started early enough, and Jack is big enough to entertain himself for small periods of time.
Except that after nearly one year on bedrest with a hard pregnancy, one year with a demanding infant, and one busy year with a toddler (full of LOTS of junking fun!), every single nook and cranny in my house was literally overflowing with stuff. Three years is a long time to go without cleaning out the drawers and things.

So, anyway, I kept asking my husband, "Didn't I buy a vintage glow in the dark nativity this summer? I could swear I did." Rinse and repeat for two months. Of course, follow all of that up with, "Sarah, where is my (insert x,y,z here)?" and "Sarah, do we have any (insert x,y,z here)?"

All of this is a very long winded way of saying that I have spent 12 hours a day for nearly 3 days getting the house cleaned out. I have given away at least 12 trash bags FULL of stuff via Freecycle . I have thrown another 6 or so in the trash. But, we are cleaned out. There is only 1/4 of the laundry room, and 3 desk drawers left in the entire upstairs/downstairs that hasn't been sorted through and organized.

It was totally worth it! Look at that silverware drawer. Do you think the neighbors will think I am strange if I invite them in to view the silverware drawer?


  1. Yeah! I'm so proud of you! I'm taking a break to allow the oven cleaner penetrate, and then it's back to the grind for me.

  2. Wow! Beautiful. I am doing my linen closet tonight!

  3. Your silver ware drawer looks fantastic! I have been using the kids summer holidays to sort out all the drawers and cupboards in the house. I still have a whole shed to sort out!

  4. Congrats, and here's hoping that 2007 will be even better! Note to self: must clean out silverware drawer!

  5. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I love a good clean, tidy silverware drawer. Sadly sometimes my love for tidy drawers and closets feeds my obliviousness to the mess outside them.

  6. I deaperately need to do this! Unfortunately, it isn't going to happen any time soon. After moving into our house neary 3 years ago, then having two babies since then, needless to say things are a little out of control. Perhaps once my youngest goes to kindergarten I can take a stab at it!


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