Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Much Ado...

...about Jack.

After seeing this reindeer plate at Cha! Cha! Gigi, I knew Jack and I had to make reindeer. We made an army for Mama, Oma and "Grampers". Jack loved making them, the painting, the gluing on of button eyes, and the glittering of noses.

Jack is changing a lot right now, and changing every day. After having to cook seperate meals for him every day for nearly 2 years, he is suddenly trying, and in most cases, eating the same things we are eating. Chow Mein, Pizza, even soy nut butter sandwiches. Yesterday he actually ate everything on his plate at lunch time, no food on the floor either. What a relief.

He has developed some rather interesting vocabularly, including "What the hell?" "What the shit?" and "Are you crazy?" He has also developed some sweet vocabularly, including "bless you, sneeze", "Kiss the woman", "be patient please" and "love you."

He is drawing, and even making very good circles! He is running and climbing (he has finally mastered the ladder at the playground). He takes great pride in "fixing things". He is starting to count (up to 3 so far!). He is obssessed with the advent calendar, which he calls "number 2." He is doing a lot more imaginary play, like changing diapers on the babies in his doll house, and fixing them "hot, make dinner." Today at the playground, he was piling up the mulch, sweeping it away and declaring "magic!"

In the photo above (I like how it is blurry, Jack moves a million miles a minute right now), I was taking pictures of the reindeer and he starts squealing "cheese mama! cheese mama!" with his eyes covered. Silly boy.


  1. How weird is this...Lily and Elsa call our advent calender #2, too. Great minds think alike.

    I'm going to have to steal your art project. Love it!

    I think Jack and the girls would have such a great time together. I should convince my husband to get a job in SL.

  2. What a great project! At daycare they did footprints and turned them upside-down and made faces on them, calling them "Bear feet."

    It must be so much fun to be able to talk to Jack!

  3. What a sweet boy! :)

  4. Sadie calls the advent calendar the "kendy calendar" because ours has a little piece of chocolate for each day.

    Can you imagine the crazy fun if all the kids had a playdate? I know I would love to hang out with all of you in person!

  5. oh my goodness, love the description of Jack's new vocabulary, both the "Sweet and Sassy!" :)

    Isn't it great when they start eating regular food or at least the same as the rest of the family. The "cafe" doesn't have to be open as many hours!


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