Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My biggest thrift score

I feel so bad for taking so long to get a photo of Jack using the awesome cookie cutters that Rebecca sent us so long ago! There were other lovelies in the box also, including yummy chocolate that I devoured quickly and the cutest reindeer puppet, which is seeing plenty of use in the playroom. Thank you Rebecca!

On to the thrifting! We have had a hard time getting Jack to sleep anywhere, ever, other than his own crib. He just is not the kind of kid you see sleeping in the grocery cart or on his father's shoulder in the Home Depot. In fact, we tried another toddler bed, many moons ago, and it was a huge failure. Jack kept running to his door and crying his heart out when we tried that one.

Yesterday, I just had the "itch" and off to the thrift we went. Of course, when I saw the firetruck bed I was trying to get my husband's attention without alerting the entire free world that I was standing next to the hottest deal in town. You know how it goes, right? "dave, oh dave. Dave! DAVE! DAVID COME OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" $30 and one full minivan later, we had the firetruck bed.

Jack spent the enture 2 hours before bed asking if it was "nigh nigh time yet?" so he and Dandy could go night night in the fire truck. (Of course, after he asked us to give him a push in it! LOL)

Wouldn't you know it? He went right to bed in it last night. My kid slept in a toddler bed! A bed without walls! We can actually go on vacation again soon! The thrifting angels have totally smiled upon us this week. Now *that* is a Merry Christmas.

(And, because you can't thrift for beds alone, I picked up a sackful of these cute felt Santas.)


  1. Fabulous! That is really great news! I hope he continues to love the bed. So happy for you!

  2. Way to go Jack! That bed is SO cute. I'd want to sleep in it, too!

  3. WOW. That is one cool bed! And such a big boy to have a great bed like that. Looks like "the itch" knew what it was talking about. :)

  4. Hi. Thanks for commenting on my blog. You find so much lovely vintage stuff! My son saw the bed and he liked it a lot. But he thinks all kids are him, so he was a little confused. :D

  5. $30 is the bargain of the century! Yay for good sleep in a firetruck bed.

  6. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Great bed! I hope he sleeps well in it. We haven't had much luck out of the crib yet either...

  7. Anonymous4:37 PM

    The bed is amazing, LOL at him wanting to go to bed the first night, no wonder. Love your Xmas decorating as well, the lion pillow is cute.

  8. What a fantastic find, it looks brand new!

  9. Anonymous9:26 PM

    yay, jack!
    nice find - love when that happens! my best ever find was in 2 parts, a few weeks apart at yard sales - tons of wooden thomas trains and tracks - and then a nice brio train table!
    bask in the glow!

  10. way to go, both mom and jack! what a great find and I hope for everyone's sake he keeps it up!

  11. I love when I walk in a thrift store and something jumps out and tells me to buy it. That bed is fantastic. I'm glad your sleep troubles are over. We still have a 6 year old who just doesn't want to go to sleep. I'm not sure if a firetruck bed would work but it sounds like a good idea.


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