Sunday, December 03, 2006

Target vs. Goodwill

I was feeling hugely disappointed by the Christmas selections at Target this year. I kept looking and looking, and finding nothing to my liking. And then I saw this. As you can imagine, as soon as Jack woke up from a nap, off to Target we went again. We have 3 Targets within 5 miles of the house (crazy!), so I went to the one I never go to, and there they were.

If you look closely you can see the sparkles the church is throwing off onto the house. They were pricey, so I held myself back to what I really loved. I swear that church looks exactly like the church we got married in.

Yesterday, we had been snowed in for 2 days, and I really HAD to go the thrift store. It took freaking forever to get there, because the roads were still bad, and the car doors wouldn't open because they were coated in 2 inches of ice. After more than 90 minutes to make the usually 30 minute trip, we arrived! Thank goodness there were 3 thrift stores on one street and we were able to walk it from there.

We found this for Jack for Christmas for $1, a beautiful white turkey platter for $4, enough vintage Sesame Street curtains for Jack's new room for $10 (and that is one less sewing project on my to do list! They are even in the exact same fabric I had planned to make his from), a Rachel Ashwell curtain rod for my sewing room for $6, and the snowman above for $2!!!

He is missing his broom (well, the top was broken off, so I removed the rest of it), but I love him, and $2 is an unbeatable price. Usually the Target stuff at Goodwill is priced insanely high, but he was unmarked and the kind woman at the register took pity on him when I pointed out his unfortunate accident.

We also went to the movies yesterday for the Canned Food Film Festival (5 cans of food gets you one movie ticket) and we saw Deck the Halls. Hilarious! All in all, not too shabby of a weekend, if I do say so myself.


  1. Back when Pam first posted that photo of her stuff I did the same thing! Immediate Target run. :) I also got the blue "Jingle" star--LOVE it! I didn't see the glittery church and Santa like you have, and Pam mentioned in her post that she found glass glitter ornaments which I also didn't see. Guess it's time for another trip! LOL The snowman guy is darling!

  2. Fantastic finds! I would love to see the Rachel Ashwell curtain rod. The Target stuff is great, out Target here is crap this year. They do have some pink fluffy christmas lights but I will wait until the sales.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! We can't wait for snow up here in State College, but I don't think that Katrina will enjoy it much until next year. Cute Christmas purchases! And I love your recent sewing projects.

  4. There is never anything good like that at the thrift shops around here. My goodness.

  5. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Oh, what a fabulous gift for Jack! I might have to file that one away for my nephew's birthday in February (he's getting train cars for Xmas).

    I think I had Sesame Street curtains when I was little ...

  6. An hour and a half to the thrift store,now thats devotion!Sounds like you got some goodies though!Oh yes,Target still rocks!

  7. I need to go to Target! There is one close to my home but it's kind of a crappy one but I'll be near the BIG one on Friday. Wish me luck!

    Love that "poor unfortunate" broomless snowman. :)


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