Sunday, December 31, 2006

To 2006

(Decoupage gourd, inspired by Jane, of Jane and the Ducks. It needs a few more birds, but they are still on the tinsel branch.)

Now that my nest is all clean, organized and feathered, I have a moment to reflect on the passing of 2006. This has been an excellent year for me in many ways. I had a very tumultous childhood, which resulted me in saying "I am fine" in response to "How are you?" for so many years of my life that it is scary. I never really was fine, actually, but it seemed like the thing to say.
This year, however, I am so much better than fine. I am great. I am terrific. I am happy. I am settled. I have all that need in the world and more.

Jack and I have really grown to know each other this year, and finally, motherhood is joyful instead of pure survival.

I have had time and space to grow personally, creatively, to stretch my wings a little as my sewing machine has chugged along, as my fingers have sewn one more stitch.

Those things have resulted in a new found confidence, both as a mother, and as a person.

I want to take a moment to thank each and everyone of you who stops in here daily, or weekly, or even occassionally to see what we are up to. You inspire me with your own blogs, you amaze me with your kindness, you encourage and support me with your comments and emails. What a terrific group of women you all are!

I hope that 2007 holds much joy and happiness for each and everyone of you. Cheers!


  1. Happy New Year to you too Sara, thank you for sharing pieces of your life with us :)


  2. I am so glad this was a great year for you. Happy New Year ,new freind.

  3. Sara, have a great new year and thanks for your lovely and inspiring blog :)

  4. This is a special time. Enjoy every minute !! Happy new year. Clarice

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm back and have to say I really missed being able to check in on your blog and our other friends. Your post is wonderful and inspiring. I'm so glad you are "better than fine."

    Missed you!

  6. Happy New Year from the Great White North! Sorry for the long-time-no-hear. (I sent you an email just before Xmas with a few updates finally!) Glad 2006 was a good year to look back on. I am mostly glad to see it go myself. But...on to 2007!


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