Wednesday, January 10, 2007

B is for buttons, and oh so much more.

Jack went to his first day of school at the new school today. This letter "B" is the only project he ever made in his 4 short weeks at the last school. At the last school Jack would not eat or sleep or participate in anything. He just stood there terrified and upset. So, we took him out, took 10 steps backwards and started again.

He has been on the waiting list for the school he is at today for almost 4 months. I was terribly nervous (and so was he!) when I left him there this morning, because I just wanted it to go better than last time. I went back at noontime to have a peek at him through the infant room window, and imagine my surprise when his teacher reported that he has been "one very bright happy camper all morning!" (All they ever told me were bad things about Jack at the last school, how he didn't transition well, how he didn't play with the other children, how he wouldn't let go of the Dandy and on and on.)

I am cautiously optimistic because last time he was ok the first day, but not when he realized he would have to return. So, for today, B is for:
Buddy Bear (who we have been watching every day for weeks now),
Breaks for mama (5 whole hours a week to myself!),
and, blossoming, which Jack is clearly doing.

Let's look at him being silly for a moment to remind me that everything always works out o.k., o.k.?

Of course, to soothe my broken hearted mama spirit, I went thrifting and to the antique mall. These valentines are destined for my second work in progress at the moment, a Valentine wreath. Excuse the poor photo, it is REALLY windy outside today!


  1. Oh,I do hope all goes well with Jack. I put my oldest in a cooperative preschool,we both LOVED it. The commitment was not all that much. Since we no longer live in the same state as that wonderful school. We went a different path for my youngest ,I drop her off in a carpool line and pick her up the same way.I feel somewhat out of the loop ,and am considering finding a suitable co-op for her next year. She is doing well at this school ,so I am trying not to put my seperation anxiety before her needs.Hmmm,sometimes I make mountains out of molehills.
    Can't wait to see that wreath!

  2. I'm hoping for your sake and his that this school is a better fit for everyone. Thanks for the tip about Google Analytics! I'm SO addicted!

  3. Sounds great so far! Keep us posted. Good job today, Jack!

  4. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Good luck at your new school Jack I hope you have a lot of fun there.

  5. I am delighted by your report of Jack's first day at the new school, and how well it went. I wish for you a wonderful second day, and so on and on and on...

  6. Good luck, good luck, good luck. Please let us know how the second day goes. Hugs!


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