Monday, January 15, 2007

Drive through

This is going to be a drive through blog post, since we were indeed without power most of the weekend, and that means I have loads of laundry, dishes, tidying, etc. to get accomplished today.

I saw a Christmas Card wreath in an old issue of Martha Stewart Living that looks a little like this . (Martha's had cards to the inside also, but my hoop is way too small for that.)

Since I needed more ways to display those vintage school valentines I bought at the antique mall last week, and the only crafts you can do in the dark involve glue, I made one for Valentine's Day instead. I had to wrap mine with ribbon, because I could only find a blue plastic hoop lying around the house. (Don't ask me! I do embroidery, but I don't usually use a hoop.) I actually like it a lot better with the ribbon anyway, it is a beautiful bright pink ribbon. Those little flower clothespins came from IKEA on our last voyage there in May.

Cute, eh?


  1. lovely idea,and yours is much more delightful than the one you linked to!

  2. This is soo sweet !! Clarice

  3. this is lovely!!! great idea!

  4. Anonymous5:44 AM

    That is so cute and what a great way to display all those sweet cards.

  5. Very cute. You visited my site the other day and gave me the hint about Oxy-clean for my vintage curtains. I am going to give that a try. Thanks for the tip.
    Your site is full of great ideas, I'll be back
    p.s. I am still searching the thrift stores for P&B too.

  6. I love those vintage Valentines and what a great way to display them!

  7. Jack is so lucky to have such a creative momma! That's great that you used to teach-- elementary??

  8. Colleen, I was a secondary science/math teacher!

  9. Very cute. I am sorry to hear you were without power. It turned to rain by the time it hit the east side, and so...we got no ice at all. Which is good. My tree could not handle anymore after that last storm.


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