Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I changed my mind.

I had a big post written after a long sleepless night last night. But, I changed my mind about posting it because, well, I feel better this evening. The long and short of it is that I ended up putting Jack back into his crib temporarily. This is mainly because he is tired and cranky, and I was getting angry about the whole mess and I could not sort out how to fix it until I had some space to breathe. I thought he would be upset about the crib, but he isn't at all. In fact, when I was putting it together, he kept saying, "that's a nice bed mama!" He was asleep less than 12 minutes after I put him in it yesterday.

So, in order to get us back on good footing, I restarted us at the beginning. I made this pocket calendar while he was at school today. A friend suggested using a sticker chart as a reward for having a good nap in the toddler bed, and I think it is a fine idea, but, I needed him to sleep first to get him excited about the reward system to begin with! So, for a week or so while he sleeps in the crib, he will find a little reward in one of the pockets when he wakes up. He really liked the advent calendars at Halloween and Christmas ("Number 2!" he calls them) and this plays off that idea. And, this way, I can give him little buttons and things in addition to stickers.

I wanted that Japanese linen patchwork feeling, so I used a rough linen for the background, put some batting in between the 2 pieces of linen, sewed the edges and then just used the pinking shears around the outside. The pinking shears idea is not perfect, but I am ok with that. I wanted it sort of rough.

The squares are 1930's reproductions bought this morning at a great little quilting shop. I made them 3x3, because that is the size of a post it note, and it was easy to lay out the pattern using post-it notes. Clever aren't I? LOL I just used a zig zag stitch around the edges, since I have no serger, and again, I wanted it a little shaggy/rough around the edges. The top tabs are holding vintage bakelite belt buckles that the twill tape is attached to.

I really like how it turned out, and once it's life as a sticker holder is over, I will use it in my sewing room to hold notions, needles, tape measures, etc.


  1. This is terribly clever, and terribly adorable...

    I love that you used PostIts as part of the pattern, and I love that you've already got it's repurposing plan in mind (in your sewing room)

  2. Anonymous11:31 PM

    This is great! I love the linen background with the 30s fabrics.

    You had asked about the bleach neutralizer. I forgot to add that part to my blog. There's nowhere here to get any, and I was much too impatient to order some so I googled "Natural chlorine neutralizer" and a link suggested vinegar. Which makes sense. So that's what I did. If you do it, rinse the bleach really well before soaking it in vinegar and water. If there's still bleach, the smell is awful and toxic. It only happened once though. Good luck!
    It also suggested swimming pool stuff, so if you have a lot for your fish tank, it might be okay.

  3. What a great plan! You are such a devoted and clever mom. Jack is so lucky that you are so creative. The post it idea is great too! I will file that away for a rainy day.

  4. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Hope your reward system works. I didn't get a nights sleep for 6 years with my youngest and I so understand what you are going through. Sleep deprivation is absolute torture.

  5. Good luck getting Jack on a schedule you all can live with. My mom suggested to me one time that in my efforts to get my DS to sleep all nite, I'd keep him up later but in reality it had the opposite effect, he was overtired when he went to bed and therefore he was restless and couldn't sleep. So...I started out with a routine of doing certain things between 6 and 8 every nite and finally he got the picture and was in bed sleeping by 8:30 most nites all the way through the nite. I think it was the routine that worked for Josh, knowing what was coming next that worked for him and getting to bed earliar than I had started doing in the first place.

    hugs to you, I know its hard. lucy

  6. Anonymous10:20 AM

    You know, every time that you post a cute little something that you've sewed, I miss my sewing machine more and more :)

    I hope that Jack loves it!

  7. Anonymous6:50 AM

    i think that reward system is great. i need something for toilet training and to rid us of the pacifier....always looking at ways to cope. thanks!


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