Monday, January 29, 2007


On Saturday, my husband and I took a little road trip to the Springfield City Wide Garage Sale . It took us about 3 1/2 hours to get there, and it really was more like a very* crowded flea market than a garage sale, but, we did find some interesting treasures. I picked up a box of these awesome little tissue paper fans, there are 60+ in the box! We also went to many a thrift store, and I have more to show you coming tomorrow. (The pictures are a little crooked, it was snowing like crazy outside.)

*Remember that sucking up my oxygen thing? It was horrible in there.

Because he was with Oma all day Saturday, Jack is a little off kilter and was a bit crabby this morning. Thrifting will cure that right? We found this beautiful bunny candy holder. She isn't vintage, and I am not sure I love her ears, but everytime I look at her on the counter I love her more and more. Jack is particularly fond of her soft tail.

This is my version of the Valentine pocket from Angie at Norththreads . It is currently lying on the kitchen table because I need to find a way to hang it so it doesn't flop over! Getting the ruffle on the back made the stitching line on the front a bit dodgy for my liking, but with a 100 pins holding the ruffle in place, I didn't have much choice. When Jack saw it he said, "Buttons! Making project mama? That's a nice project mama, I love it."

You can still sign up for the tablecloth drawing, and be sure to leave an email or some way for me to find you!

P.S. Speaking of tablecloths, Heidi, the best way I know to remove those stains is with Oxi. If they don't come out, I live with them. I am not bothered by small holes or stains for the most part. I have one right now I am trying something different on, I will add to the get on the blog list if it works out.


  1. Sarah your Valentine pocket turned out great. Love the buttons letters. I-spy-with-my-little-eye a rose. Clarice

  2. Sarah,

    I'm so glad you posted on my blog because I would never have found your blog! It's a delight. I looked back at some old posts and found some great ideas. I love your magnetic paper dolls! I'm going to have to try that for my little girls. I've been wanting to do a spoof of a character from a particular movie for YEARS now (maybe seven or more!) as a paper doll and now I think I have the push to do that one as well (if it turns out well, I'll post it on the blog).


  3. Love the pocket and I love that gorgeous pink bunny, ears and all!
    I have the same glass vase as you, two actually! One pink and one aqua!

  4. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Such sweet treasures, especially like the pink rabbit.

  5. What fun treasures! The bunny is adorable and so springy. Gets me in the mood.

    I love the Valentine pocket idea. I might need to work on one of those for all the valentines headed my way.....

    Cheers! LA


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