Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Confessions of a crazy woman

Why is it always more stressful the day Dada returns than when he is away? Jack was up last night at 1 30 am. I went in to give him medicine. "tub mama?" He says. "No Jack, it is night night time." "But mama, you need tub!" "No Jack." "Ok, you need glasses mama." LOL, I wasn't wearing my glasses it being 1 30 am and all. Then I was awake until 5 am! 5 am! Insane.

The photo above is Jack playing with a Little Tree Wooden Farm I thrifted that was new in the box still. It is an awesome toy.

And, another tablecloth! I know, put on your shocked faces. This one is actually pink. I don't have any others that seem vintage but are a color. I need to do a little research methinks.

And this project is driving me insane. I did take off that ruffle, but I still have issues. At first I was going to do a scalloped edge. Too hard I decide after 2 sides are scalloped. Fine, no scallop. Do a ruffle. Bleh, hate the ruffle. Fine, take the ruffle off. Put the iron on transfer in the center. Nah, put it to the side. Burn iron on transfer. Redo iron on transfer. Decide burnt one is better since it looks aged. Add flowers. Use vintage millinery flowers. Nah, too precious. Use new flowers. Add a bouquet of yo yo flowers. Wait, maybe use yo yo's as one flower. Use yo yo as flower center.

No, maybe use button as center. Use ribbon as stem. No use rick rack. No use satin stitch. Argh! Help me out here. Bouquet? One flower? Button center? Yo yo center? Ribbon stem? Rick rack stem? Satin stitch stem? Throw project in trash and curse the day I ever thought of it?

Thanks. I am going to go and put on my tiara now.


  1. Wow that is so sweet and beautiful!

  2. Anonymous6:09 PM

    (thanks for your help - hopefully problem solved now)

    what a nice find - that farm NIB!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Sounds like you could use some time with the napping pillow! Jack looks very content playing with the farm. A great find.

    Don't throw out your project! It is too sweet. Just leave it for a bit and you'll see it clearer when you come back. I like the rick rack stem. Could you use single yo-yos as flowers and put them together as a bouquet? Maybe using small buttons for centers? I kind of like the eyelet trim, but it did look a little flat. You could try ruffling it for some depth. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it'll be darling.

  4. Not crazy - just interested in completing a nice project.

    I know you are not looking to copy anything, and a couple of these are 180 degrees away from what you are going for, but maybe one of these pics will trigger something in relation to your project:

    I like the yoyo flower + rickrack on the version you have shown! You'll get it worked out!

  5. Dear me - you are making me worry that "crazy" is contagious!

    Go put on your tiara - it really does make stuff better. Plus, I think it helps you to run faster, jump higher, and figure out crafty solutions to the things that are bugging you....

  6. Anonymous9:17 AM

    How about some rick rack along an edge of another solid color...don't give up I like how it's taking shape.

  7. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I think we should have a national tiara wearing day - I bet we could all benefit from some self love! :) Glad you got the stuff. It just screamed "Sarah!!!" - Alexandra

  8. Oh the pangs of creativity . . . :) I do have to say that the pink table cloth may be my favorite of all your cloths.


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