Friday, February 02, 2007

How much can I...

Cram into one blog post? Are you ready?

Thrifted, still in the package some 30+ years later, fitted, flat and 2 pillowcases. (Too small for our bed, but gorgeous for sewing with.) $6

Small Japanese glass bead Christmas things from the estate sale on Weds. That is a really sweet white bottlebrush hiding there on the bottom. Love them!

Making Valentines with Jack. The Valentine exchange is so much fun! Anyone else want in? Email me. Wait until you see some of the Valentines we have received, they are gorgeous!

One toddler who now eats Cheerios WITH milk = need for an extra smock. Simplicity pattern 8916. Vintage hanger, courtesy of freecycle.

One vintage valentine + scanner + iron on paper = one cute Valentine onesie for Jack. (Email me about one for Sadie, Ann!)

And the winners are #13 Heidi and #17 Dana! Congratulations. If you weren't the winner this time, fear not, I have a nice stash for giving/trading/swapping on top of my armoire.

Whew! We made it. I feel better now, how about you? LOL


  1. AWESOME pillowcases. They seem to fit the season. And the sesame street hanger - i'm on the look out now.

  2. Anonymous11:50 AM

    that smock is cute - i'll bet it's a big hit with the cheerios-eater!

  3. The onesie is a stroke of genius - love!

  4. Jack,

    Thanks so much for picking me :)
    Thanks also to your Mommy for her
    sweet offer!! It helped bring some brightness to a very grey day!


  5. I love everything in this post! I might need to make a Valentine shirt like that, too. Genius!

    Glad you liked the package. It was such fun putting together. A Valentine should be headed your way next week. I finally found some inspiration! :)

    Cheers! LA

  6. Dear Jack,
    Thanks for picking me! I never win anything, so I am super excited! :)

    Dear Sarah,
    You are a crafting MACHINE! A new project every day, it seems. I am in awe! I love that smock and will have to look for that pattern. I think that would be perfect for DD as it has lots of coverage. And that onesie--adorable! Brilliant, I tell you!

  7. What a score you found! You seem to have such good thrifting luck! That oneise is so cute! I will have to keep that in mind for shower gifts, or maybe I need a V-Day t-shirt....hmmmm....

  8. Love your great finds, Jack and your blogging skill!


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