Sunday, February 25, 2007

Let's talk about my "issues"

So, I open up the sewing machine this morning and sit down and read the book. I then tried to thread it. No problem so far, once I worked out that fancy needle threader thing. And then came the bobbin. Let's just say I could NOT make the damn thing work. I bundle up a (yet again) sick Jack and haul him over to Joanns. Part of me thinks the machine is broken, part of me thinks the operator is broken.

One solid hour later, my machine is still not fixed. (Obviously this was not operator error.) Nope, now she is tagged and waiting until THURSDAY for the repair person to come in.

I won't really go into how ridiculous that is. It was brand new and fresh out of the box, I either get a new machine, or we have a problem people. And we will be calling the manager first thing in the morning to sort this out properly. I am trying to have faith that this is a fluke and not some sort of "OMG WHAT I HAVE DONE?" thing. It is a fluke right?

This has been a bad week. Squirrel in the couch, sick kid, broken sewing machine, 4 tries to make my stupid debit card work at the gas station, issues with my mother, AND to top it all off, Jack woke up from a nap one afternoon completely covered in blood. I almost died on the spot. (I think it must have been a nosebleed while he was sleeping, but he has never had one of those before.)

All around, it has just been one of "those" weeks. Is it over yet?

I should be sewing you know.


  1. Oh, that is HORRIBLE! And I agree, you deserve a BRAND-NEW MACHINE, or every cent of your money back. And NOW, not next Thursday or later! Totally unacceptable.

    When it rains, it pours, right? I hope things look up this week!

  2. That is the stinkinest thing I ever heard of! I am a bit pissed on your account.

  3. Anonymous5:40 PM

    ((((HUGS)))) all I can say is "I've been there" and hopefully the new week will be a much better one!! Sending some "get better" vibes to little Jack :)

  4. I'm pulling for you as well! Sometimes flukey things like that happen and then you end up with something even better than you started with - I hope that is the case for you!

  5. I hope you get this resolved easily. I swear they just don't make things with the same quality anymore!

    Hope this week is much better!

  6. Oh no! I certainly hope this is a better week for you! Hope Jack feels better soon!

  7. Wow,I would have died too. Your right it probaly was a nose bleed,I get them and they are worse in the winter when I try to keep the heater heating the house all toasty,was your heater running? So sorry about the machine!

  8. Hope this week looks up!

  9. I'm sorry. I was so excited for you and your new machine.

    I hope Jack is feeling better.

    Cheers! LA

  10. Bummer! Sooo frustrating!
    It's a new week... it's gotta get better!
    Here's to blessings galore!

  11. Sorry you're having a hard week. I hope it's gotten better by now. I've been so busy I got behind in my blog reading.


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