Saturday, February 24, 2007

Meet my new baby

Not *that* kind of baby! My new sewing machine.Bye bye torturous old Singer, whose thread tension never worked right (hence that missing piece on the front that I ripped off after hours of frustration), whose little engine couldn't even sew through a piece of paper, whose feed dogs only stayed in one place. We were together for six VERY long years. Say Hello to my new friend:
The Husqvarna Viking "Huskystar" C20. Oh, how I love thee! Your quiet little engine that sews through many layers of denim like butter, your oh-so-easy to use computerized stitch selection, the automatic needle threader, the free motion quilting features, your budget friendly pricetag. It was love at first sight really. You are one sexy machine. (Is it wrong of me to think that?)

(For those who need me to be serious for a moment: I tried an Elna, it was noisy and clunky, and frankly, a lot like the old Singer, plus it was $700. I looked at Bernina's, but no one around here wants to sell me a lower end Bernina, and frankly, I cannot afford a $3,000 one. I have heard good things about the Marie Osmond Bernina from one of my favorite quilt shop owners, but I couldn't find that machine anywhere. Plus, I find the people selling the Berninas to be very, very pushy. It was annoying. I also half tried a Baby Loc, but my heart just wasn't in that machine either. I considered the $189 Brother from Costco, but, I didn't want to take another chance with a machine I wasn't going to REALLY like, and that one feels very light to me. And I really like the Husky. She was $399 at my local Joanns, they let me sit down and do whatever I wanted, they helped if I asked, but they didn't smother me. The Husky was so easy I had it sorted out in a matter of minutes with very little help.)
Ok, onto other things. They are kleenexes. Are they not the cutest Kleenex ever? Wal-Mart. Of course, they are too cute for wiping snotty noses on, but that is another story.
A little bit of new fabric from Joanns. The good news is that the sewing machine left me with $100 of my sewing machine budget to spend on fabric. That awesome local shop with more 1930's prints than I have ever seen in my life is going out of business (which really breaks my heart), but, I now have that $100 to spend when she opens the doors again for the closing sale. (She has been closed for more than 2 months, so I better get my fill while I can, eh?) I am hoping to be able to get 20 1/2 yard pieces of different prints so I can have a little of everything I love. Yea right!


  1. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Oh thanks so much for the comment, I'm so glad you like the Husqvarna...I am so excited! I can't stand that it is Sunday and I can't test drive one until tomorrow =P

    And I have a horrible Singer at the moment like you did! The tension just SUCKS doesn't it, ugh. I spend so much time within the depths of that machine trying to make it work.

    Gorgeous fabrics! =)

  2. Congratulations on your new Baby! She's beautiful. Oh how I wish I had something that would automatically thread....not to mention I really wish someone would shed the light on the bobbin secret for me (am I showing my inexperience sewing here by admitting I can't get the bobbin to work but maybe 10% of the time?) ;)

    Lucky you for your upcoming fabric stash purchase. I'd be giddy with excitement, too. I hate to hear of local businesses closing their doors though. That's always sad.

    I have a pretty sizable collection but because of the above problems...I don't sew alot..LOL.

    Have fun with your new toy!

  3. Good for you Sarah!
    I appreciate all the info... I may be needing a new machine sometime soon... mine is starting to act up.
    Keep us posted on how the new one works out for you... and what all you create using your new fabric!

  4. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Wow! What a wealth of information you gave on how you come across your new sewing machine. I also am in need of a new sewing machine. Mine is an old 60's Singer model. I think that I am going to take your word for it and go take a look at our local Joanne's and see if they have one of those Huskystar C20's there. My hubby said that I may be able to get one with part of his bonus this year. Yeah!
    Thanks again!

  5. Anonymous3:54 AM

    You are a lucky girl!

  6. Congratulations on your new baby! I too have a Singer but I can't justify. Your fabric is adorable and have fun on your upcoming fabric shopping spree - it sounds like it will be bittersweet with the local shop closing.

  7. Congrats on your new addition!
    As a local, I'd *really* love to know which fabric shop is closing down, and when she is opening her doors to sell down. It's not Patches, is it?

  8. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Yay! I've heard a lot of good things about Husqvarna machines!

    When I was shopping for my overlock machine a couple of years ago, I remember that the pushiest salespeople were at shops that only sold one or two different brands. Stores that had more selection seemed to be more into finding the right machine for my needs, instead of just showing me the latest and greatest from Pfaff/Bernina/Singer etc.

    I can understand why you're sad about the fabric store closing down!

  9. I have the new Husqvarna Viking sewing machine. It was a lower priced one but I LOVE it. I mean it, LOVE and it soo pretty too. It is always nice when you can have a good working machine and pretty. Clarice

  10. Welcome to the new baby!

    (can't wait to see what you and she accomplish together!)

  11. Yay for the new machine!

    Hey, I saw that apple and pear fabric at Joann's this weekend, and thought of you instantly! I'm trying to convince myself I need a new baby sling to buy some for myself. :)

  12. Nothing is more exciting than a spiffy new sewing machine - enjoy!

  13. I love the fabrics, especially the fruit one.

  14. Hi Sarah and thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. This has been such a helpful post to me. I sold my sewing machine years ago and am ready to buy another one. Thanks for the info.


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