Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mountains of everything.

It's been one of those days.
Mountains of laundry? Check.
Mountains of dishes? Check.
Mountains of "trying to be sorted fabric" that make for hours of "rolling down the mountain" fun? Check. Climb up.
Roll down.
Do it again! And again! And again!

BTW, I recently saw this post on another blog about checking the "show email address" on your blogger profile. It would be wonderful to be able to reply directly to your comments instead of having to go back and answer your questions in the comment section. How about it? Will you check the box?

EDIT: I should have been a little more clear, I think. This problem is really only with people who use Blogger, and not Typepad. Generally, if you are a Typepad user, the link by your comment takes me directly to your blog (but still not to an email address unless I visit your blog.) Erin, I think the "other" problem (where you are only allowed to choose other) is only solved by having a google account. Blogger has recently changed all of this when they forced us old school folks out of old blogger and into the "new blogger." (And for your comment, there was no indication of who you are!)


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    that fabric pile is exactly why i can't fold laundry while the kids are awake.
    body surfing and king kong-like walking through the piles.

    in typepad you can have your comments forwarded to your email - does blogger have that? looking for the box to check...not seeing it.

  2. Kirsten, blogger will forward the comments to my email, but the come from an anonymous, no reply address. So, in order to reply, I have to go and hunt down the commenter's own blog and find an email link, or come back here and leave a reply in the comments section. There is no way to just reply through email via Blogger. Does that make sense?

  3. Aha! I've been annoyed by the same thing! I changed my profile--and I'm going to ask my readers to do the same!

  4. Hmmmm, I've wondered the same thing regarding the email. I have a question and maybe someone can enlighten me....I don't have the show my email addy on my profile but yet when I comment on other blogs, certain people can reply back on my comments left. How does that happen? For example, Rebecca often times emails me from my replies left on her blog post...

  5. Who needs a mountain of snow! How about a fabric pile angel Jack!

  6. Love the new banner! I dealt with my own ski slopes of laundry today!

  7. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Alas, the uncovered comment mystery doesn't work for me as I don't have a Blogger profile. But I'll email you anyway so that you have my address.

    I don't know if I'd be thrilled about my kid jumping in piles of folded stuff! Jack loves like he's having an unbelievably good time, though!

    Lucy, I wonder if those comments have been left on a blog which requires an email address to leave a comment (like Typead)?

  8. Lucy, I have no idea, we will have to ask her when she is done honeymooning and all, lol. I know that your comment still says no-reply@ blogger, but Heidi, who changed hers, now has her address so I could contact her directly. I do know that typepad works differently than blogger, and those typepad users automatically get our email addresses.

    If you are using Blogger you have to go to your dashboard, choose edit profile, then you will find the box there.

    Laura, the fabric wasn't folded yet! I was just cleaning out the dresser, so I couldn't have cared less about the rolling.

  9. i checked the box! thanks for the recommendation. Also, my name is different now... mo*reezy instead of more-rice... long story.

  10. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Just a couple of comments about comments : ) When someone leaves a comment on a typepad blog, it get's forwarded to our email address so that we can respond directly from there. And yes, it shows a link to your blog and your email address.

    In trying to leave a comment here on blogger though, under "choose an identity," when I select "other" it only gives me the option of typing in my name and webpage, but not an email address. Hope that helps . . .

    I'm working on my own mountain of laundry today. Looks like you made the job pretty fun for your little one!


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