Friday, February 16, 2007

Moving Right Along

Yesterday, after Jack went to bed, I took down the Valentine decorations. I always take them down when he is in bed, because I love the look of surprise when he gets up in the morning to see the next round of decorations. When he saw the pink feather tree sitting there he empty he asked, "Mama, where are the strawberries?" I told him it was time to take them down, and we would put up a tree for Easter next. He says, "Ok! I will go get the eggs!" and off he went into the kitchen. (I am not sure how he knew there would be eggs, that kid has a mind like a steel trap.) He loved hanging up the eggs on the new tree, finally a holiday helper for me!

Other cute conversations with Jack right now. "Jack, give mama a kiss please." "No thanks, I don't need a kiss right now mama."

And conversations with my husband, after hearing a glass break in the bedroom. Him, "why do the cats have to break things?" Me, "They were thirsty." Him, "I put water in their downstairs bowl." Me, "They don't drink out of that bowl, they only will drink in the kitchen bowl." Him, "Just when did we lose control of this house to kids and cats???"

LOL. I never knew we had control over the cats to begin with!


  1. Any control over cats is a figment of one's imagination - they definitely have a mind of their own!

  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I had to laugh at the "control over the cat"....Isn't "control over the cats" an oxymoron!?

  3. Easter already! What happened to St. Patricks' Day?

  4. Awww what a cutie pie! Mine is now 9....but he still loves to be a helper like Jack! Cute tree. cherry

  5. Cats and Kids- just gotta love 'em!


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