Sunday, February 11, 2007

No longer just sitting here.

I am back to feeling like my crafty self, woohoo! I made these gift tags for a gift tag swap. I love how they turned out. Sewing the little felt wings on the birdies was loads of fun. My machine, however, really does not appreciate sewing through paper. At all.

I finished (maybe) that quilted Valentine. I am happy with everything except that dang wonky bottom edge. Maybe I need to add a binding around the outside. Or, maybe I will just never touch the thing again, since things around here are often less than perfect anyway!

I used a vintage ribbon for the flower stem, the big old vintage button for the flower center, and some glass glitter on the heart. You might have to click on the photo to enlarge it to see the glitter. Speaking of glitter, I buy it on Ebay.

Time to go get Jack up, "up mama, up!".


  1. Ohh love the quilted valentine and thank you for having a wonky bottom. So I am not the only one !! Clarice

  2. I'm glad you're feeling a little more like yourself :)

    I've never ever tried sewing through paper. Do you have to use a special needle or do you switch it out so it doesn't dull when sewing fabric? Curious minds wanna know.

    Thanks for the heads up on glass glitter resource. I'll have to check it out :)


  3. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Sorry to hear that your sewing machine is in a funk :)

  4. The tags are adorable!

    The wonky bottom doesn't bother me but you could trim it all perfect and then trim with bias tape.

    I love the sparkly heart!

  5. Glad that you're feeling back to your crafty self again -

    love the final quilted Valentine - the yo-yo flower is too, too cute!

  6. Love it! Am glad to know where you get your glitter. I love how it looks on the valentine you sent me.

    Cheers! LA

  7. lovely gift tags! i haven't tried sewing paper on my machine yet...I wonder how it'll work out?

    :) D


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