Sunday, February 04, 2007

Oh me, oh my

I am sick. Cannot swallow, was burning up with fever sick. And I am on my own with Jack for a few days. Ugh. The pits. Anyway...

Remember that Pennsylvania Dutch Jug/Pitcher I thrifted a few weeks ago? It started something I am afraid. I am suddenly crazy for things with Dutch people on them.

I picked up this beauty sometime this week. I think at one time it was a giveaway with orange juice or something, since it has a top that looks like it would accomodate a metal screw on lid. (A quick Ebay browse showed an ice tea pitcher and glasses in the same pattern.) Anyone have any other ideas about it?

And a tablecloth, of course! I know you are surprised. LOL This is actually a newer German cloth, but, they have that same feel.

And remember that Dutch Fabric that Heidi thrifted awhile ago? Must find something like that!

For those of you that are wondering how on earth I manage to find these things at the thrift store, I can only tell you that frequency is the key. When we moved back here from Florida, I moaned for TWO years that junking here was terrible. It really wasn't and isn't, I just wasn't getting out there enough.

There are many, many times when I find nothing. In fact, I have left my favorite thrift store about 6 times now with nothing really other than a toy here or there for Jack. It happens, but, I try not to let it discourage me. Cool stuff is out there, just keep looking!

And now, it is back to the napping pillow with my sick self.


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon! I'm feeling yuck also! Two of my three kids had strep, and it appears to have found me! Tell Jack that he is the doctor, and he has to take care of you ;)

    Take care,


  2. Bummer! Hope you feel better!

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself.

  4. You can always try my mom's home remedy: drink hot water with whiskey, honey and lemon then rub Vick's Vaporub on your feet and put wool socks on before bed.

  5. eww I hope you feel better soon. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  6. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Hope your soon feeling better.

  7. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!

  8. I hope you feel better soon. Taking care of a young child when you are sick is no fun at all!

    I am really enjoying your blog. I love all your thrift store finds and your son is adorable. I like hearing about him since I can relate (I have a toddler and a baby). By the way, how do you go thrifting with him? I'm afraid to go with the two girls - just scared they are going to reach out of their strollers and break something - not that they have done that elsewhere. I just try to avoid taking them to stores with lots of breakables in them. Maybe I should just get over my hangups and take a chance.

    And, finally, thanks for the tip about bloglines. I'm going to check it out.


  9. Anonymous6:23 AM

    It's usually feast or famine for me too. All of a sudden there are dozens of things to buy when for weeks...nothing. I go frequently, but sometimes tire of seeing the same old things. Sometimes I actually feel sorry for things no one buys!

    Feel better soon.

  10. feel better, sweetie!

  11. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Love your blog!! Where in Florida did you live? I live in Brandon just outside of Tampa and am always looking for new places to "thrift" even if I have to drive a little. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  12. You are so right... you have to be willing to come away empty handed, to persevere... before you find that treasure!
    You HAVE to enjoy the thrill of the hunt, the process... no matter how long it takes!
    And so many aren't willing to endure 10 yucky sales to fine that ONE that makes it worth it all!!!!

  13. Sarah, thankyou for all the help on my blog and to think you were sick yesterday and today when you were giving me all that advice...I feel bad now!! You don't want to know my other half's home remedy...well in case you do, put some peeled chopped onions in your socks and wrap up and sleep in it over draws your fever out! LOL Have I tried it?? NO!! He says that with the fever it almost sautes the onions..LOL. Southerners ;)

    Seriously, hope you feel better soon. True thrifters just have to plug away in search of those treasures. Many days for me, too, aren't fruitful, but the days that are more than make up for the less than bountiful trips.



  14. Hope you feel better soon Sarah. My husband makes me honey and lemon "tea" when I'm sick. It's very comforting.

  15. Feel better dear and I wonder if I have something DUTCH in my bag of thrifty tricks hmmm . . .

  16. Ooo,sorry your sick.Well, as all we "died in the felted wool" thrifters know,you have now announced to the universe you will be collecting Dutch people,so soon they will be filling your basket and your home!!!


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