Friday, February 09, 2007


I think I must be in a blogging dry spell. There hasn't been much crafting around here, keeping Jack busy is taking 24 hours of my day right now! Maybe this weekend...

Thrifted clip on earrings. They have such beautiful flowers on them, I figure I can take the earring part off and make something? with them.

Early Valentine present, pink and blue glass glitter. (Must pick up some jars to store it in this weekend.)

One of the Valentines from my little Valentine exchange. Such a sweet little piece of art! I hope to be able to show you all of them. This one is from The Laughing Duck , thank you Carolyn!

Ok, I really should go finish that annoying quilted Valentine, now shouldn't I?


  1. I hear ya, iM feeling really dead to the world right now with no inspiration.....I cant get motivated either! Maybe we need some sun!!

  2. Wow, thrifted clip ons! Love them. My daughter and I look for these all the time as she loves the mod look and doesn't have pierced ears. They're super cute. Wanna swap something?

  3. did I ever say thanks for the valentine you sent? Well, THANKS! And as soon as the kiddo and I get a chance tomorrow to sit down together to make something, we'll send it along. hopefully it will arrive before V-Day! If it doesn't, it will just stretch out the love a little longer.

  4. I sent my Valentine to you today!

    Where did you buy your glitter? I just ordered some from a source on eBay and I'm kind of disappointed in it--plus the fact that he said he'd ship Priority and it came Parcel Post, which ended up being a HUGE hassle because I had it sent to my grandparent's house where I was staying. GRRRRR

  5. I was going to ask the same thing, where do you purchase glass glitter at? I love the colors.


  6. Love the earrings. And the glitter!! I'm curious, too, where you get it.

  7. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Those earrings are too fun! I would maybe wear them. (Also was it intentional that your glitter is the same color as the earrings. Maybe a project there after all).

    I sent your Valentine on Wednesday, I think. You should receive it soon. I got yours thanks! I'll post my V-day stuff soon.

  8. I know what you mean!

    I would kill for some of that glitter! :) Hope you get your crafting mojo back-- love your projects.


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