Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A whole new world

I finally had a moment to get the new sewing machine out of the box, and this time I was not disappointed. Between the rotary cutter, the quilting ruler, the self healing mat and the sewing machine, sewing is a whole different experience. I even ironed my seams open.

I started on a small quilt, just so I can get to know the new machine. (Although, looking at the photo I see that some of my blocks are not in the right order. Oh well.)

Sometimes I wonder why I don't do things "right" the first time! For me lazy sewing = difficult sewing = too much frustration!


  1. You're sewing!!! Woo Hooo!!

  2. Anonymous5:39 PM

    owh I know what you mean by not getting things right in the first place and difficult sewing. Thats why its is so hard for me to get on to the quilt that I am starting. at least you are already there by cutting up fabrics and piecing them together. I havent even started yet. :*)and dont worry too much about the blocks not being in the right order, it makes the quilt unique. :)

  3. Lovin the fabric combinations! Out of order? *shrug*

  4. how fun! I'm glad you got the glitches worked out and are zooming along with a happy machine now.

    I recently bought a new machine too. Well, it was intended to be a spare that the kids could use. But I like it better than my old machine.

    Now I know who's stash to hit up when I'm needing cute vintage prints. ;-)

  5. OMG!! You're ironing seams! Maybe there's hope for me now. I always forget (read too lazy) to press seams. I don't have a new machine, but I do have a new rotary cutter and self healing mat. Maybe they'll start a fire under my behind to get busy sewing again.

    So glad you got the machine issue resolved. Can't wait to see what else you'll do with it.

  6. Yeah, pattern-smattern.. I mean I don't like following patterns! I'd rather go for the autentically homemade look for quilts! :) Seriously, though, your quilt already looks lovely, practice or not!

  7. I am a lazy sewer, but since I am not a perfectionist, it always works out in the end. I am so happy you got a new machine though, I remember the machine love from my first new machine.

  8. Anonymous6:04 PM

    what a pretty little quilt you're making! enjoy the new machine.

  9. Go Girl... this will be fantastic!!!!! Everything you do is!


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