Thursday, March 15, 2007


Jack and I were in the thrift store yesterday and there was a middle aged woman sitting on one of the couches. She was talking to us, and I just assumed she was talking to Jack, so I didn't pay very much attention. Turns out she was actually talking to me. What she said was, "Can I tell you a joke?" I immediately said sure, then I had a moment of wondering if it would be appropriate for a 2 year old. So here was her joke:

What did the mayonnaise say to the refrigerator?
Close the door! I'm dressing.

For some reason that just made me laugh and laugh. Maybe it was the oddity of someone in the thrift store asking and telling me the joke, maybe it was relief (!) that it was suitable for Jack, maybe it was the silly joke itself, but it totally made my day.
And, of course, I picked up more tablecloths. I swear they are the only thing I can find at the thrift right now! What a problem to have, eh? I am REALLY looking for some Pyrex with the Dutch/Amish pattern.

The pink and purple one is in great condition. The one with the roses is in terrible condition. It is really stained, and if you look closely you can see that it has a fugitive dye problem. (There were dark colored circles on there once upon a time, the remainder is evident in the bottom left corner.) It is boiling in the kitchen sink as we speak.
There are little scenes like this all over the house right now. (Including a quilting project that has sat on the kitchen counter untouched for 3 days, been a busy week.) Jack has also discovered that he can use his step to turn on all the light switches. He moves up and down the hallway turning every light in the house on! Must be something about pressing buttons, because he also must push the doorbell at least 20 times before we enter the house every time!

Good thing my sense of humor is still intact this week.


  1. There is definitely a button fascination with this age group! Maren loves to drag a chair over and flip the light switches repeatedly. We call those Lightswitch Raves. LOL She also MUST push the doorbell when we come in the house.

    That Pyrex pattern that I believe you're referring to is usually called Butterprint, just FYI. And I happen to have the butter dish in that pattern. If you want it, say the word and I'll send it!

  2. Anonymous4:38 PM

    is the line up of cars your window sill? jerrett used to line his up like that! or he's make a line across the room of them.

  3. Ok, what I find funny is that I will then pass on that joke a few times myself! Definately to my students and most likely to my husband as well!

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Please tell me the secret behind boiling the linens in the sink? I have some that have stains which I thought I might just cut up and repurpose some day, but if this boiling thingy might save them from the scissors....

  5. What is it about doorbells? Dioramas around the house? What? Oh.and now my little one pretends to take pictures of them like mommy!

  6. i definitely just laughed out loud when i read that...then i had to tell my fiance (sitting beside me) the joke. i got a smirk out of him, so silly as it is, it's pretty good. this joke kinda reminds me of an elephant joke i heard once...hmmm...maybe I'll post it on my blog?

    :) D

  7. Haha, that joke made me laugh! Thank god I don't have a doorbell, otherwise isaiah would be pushing it all the time. Right now he's really into finding the channel changer and pushing those buttons.

  8. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I thrifted a tablecloth today as well, but noone told me a joke! Just catching up and wanted to thankyou for your kindness.

  9. My son loves the doorbell too!!! and he will stand on what ever he can find to turn on the light. Another thing he finds fasinating is my sewing machine (I'm not so thrilled with that).

    It sounds like you had a fun time thrifting. What a funny joke. My daughter is going to love that!!!

  10. Great joke. I'm gonna share it with my family.

    Come on, send the tablecloth ju-ju over here........

    Cheers! LA


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