Friday, April 13, 2007

Fashion Flashbacks

Sometime last year I picked up a Flip & Fold Fashions at a yard sale. At first it was a pure nostalgia thing, "I remember having this when I was a kid!", but I did think Jack might someday enjoy it. He found it in his toybox the other day, and he has played with it every day since.
He calls it "makin projiks", and this was today's last creation. A "towel" (a piece of terry cloth) and cowboy boots. It looks there is 1 on Ebay in case you need your own!
In other Jack fashion news, we let him have a pair of Frog wellies from Target after he fell in love with them. I swear he wears these things constantly! This morning it was the "on the wrong feet and over the pajamas" look.
I took myself on a little "time out" last Friday night to the big antique mall. I picked up 2 big pieces of this vintage (?) nursery rhyme fabric. It's a pretty heavy cotton duck, so a new nursery school tote it is. I cannot believe how much stuff we have to carry back and forth to Jack's nursery school once a week, so a huge bag definitely helps. Now I just need to finally make a cover for the nap mat.

Except that I have somehow injured my shoulder and sewing (let's be honest here, even hair washing) is not possible at the moment. And it is supposed to snow tomorrow. Snow. In mid April in St Louis. Crazy.


  1. Is it just me or does the model's towel/cowboy boots outfit look *a lot* like Jack's PJ/wellie outfit? Your boy is developing a real look there--so cute.

    BTW, my Jack has those same PJs as the first pic--gotta love the Children's place right?

  2. cute! We lived in the pjs frog wellies for about 6 months. never does my boy get so much attention as he does when he is wearing those wellies. It is really very very cut!

  3. I don't think I remember those Fold 'n Flip things. They look fun, though.

    I love the nursey rhyme fabric and tote. Very cute.

    My boys have always loved their rubber boots (and cowboy or "cow" boots). I have pix of them in boots and diapers.

    Hope your shoulder feels better soon.

  4. Love the boots. My girls love their rainboots, too.

    I think kids like them because they are very easy to put on by yourself.

  5. That is wonderful fabric! I miss antique malls, I have yet to find one here in the "big city." Love the wellies, too. I'm still looking for stretchy ones for my giant calves LOL

  6. Hey, I think I have some of that same fabric! I found it in a thrift store in Steamboat Springs but I haven't done anything with it yet. Your bag is darling!

  7. I had forgotten about those fold and flip toys! My son had a pair of boots just like those except his was yellow. He wore those things forever.

  8. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I didn't have one of those, but I did have a fashion plate thingy as a girl(oh how I wish my mom had kept that!). Isn't it amazing what kids will play with for hours.

    Love the tote you made, that fabric is fabulous!

    Hope your shoulder gets better quickly.

  9. I just love that fabric. It is so cute!

  10. Love the fashion flippy dealies I always wanted those. The boots made me laugh as when my son was 3 he was notorious for wearing nothing but his yellow boots!! We did live in the country.

  11. ah, I remember when Mason went through the cute-rainboots-from-target phase. You think Jack is cute now?! Just wait until he wears them with shorts and you swear he looks just like a real live Christopher Robin. Swoon.


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