Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Last week was the kind of week that was really fraught with growing pains around here. Jack spent the entirety of the holiday weekend clinging to his father like a barnacle on a shell in the sea. And we were struggling with how to balance his need for closeness with our need for a small amount of quietness during naptime and bedtime.

Sometimes I just *know* what to do, and sometimes I have no clue. I struggle with finding a balance between doing what is the *right* thing to do and what is the path of least resistance when it comes to parenting. I am perfectly happy to live with imperfection in the objects around us, in my own sewing, etc. but the thought of imperfection in my parenting can really throw me for a loop.

I think this is what has surprised me most about mothering, how afraid I am of making a mistake sometimes. And I certainly have made my share of mistakes! But standing on the edge of a decision is a difficult place to be. In the end, I think it has all worked out ok. Yesterday was a much better day, and Jack seems to be back to his usual self. But oh boy, was it hairy there for a few days.
And a gorgeous platter I thrifted this morning. I paid $15 for it, which is high for a thrift store piece (for me anyway), but, I really love the ruffly edge and the roses in the center and most importantly, the little chip on the edge which reminded me that imperfection in anything really is okay.


  1. What a nice reflection on imperfection! Nobody's perfect, of course.

  2. Loved your post. I struggle with the imperfections as a mother, too. Even with the "experience" I have with 6. Things always work out though. Good luck.

  3. Sometimes I feel like I am so ill-equipped to be a mom and that my DD deserves better than me. I do take comfort in the fact that my own mom probably had those same thoughts of inadequacy with me, and I turned out just fine!

  4. You know, when I think about how Katrina deserves a perfect mom, I realize that hopefully even in my imperfections I can teach her something important. If I get mad at her, I can teach her how to say I'm sorry and mean it. If I forget something, I can teach her how to rectify a momentary lapse. At the end of the day, those times of imperfection can be learning experiences for me too - how to be more patient, more organized, more loving. Trying to think of imperfections this way, has really helped me to not be super stressed. Jack is clothed, housed, fed, and above all LOVED. Remember that always!

  5. Sarah, the reason why you care so much about not making mistakes, is because you are a loving momma. I tell my girls I make soo many mistakes but I can say that I have tried and agonized over every choice I have made. I really want to do my best. I fall sooo short of this but it is not from not caring. By the way Jack looks just like his daddy. Clarice

  6. ahhhhh, I have one of those clingy babys, right now as a matter of fact. All the things Im imagining to do never get done, but thats OK because he's growing so fast & soon wont want to cling to me ever Im sure!! Its a good thing were not expected to be perfect, because we'd all fall short! Loving your "imperfct platter!", it would suit my super imperfect house!!!:)

  7. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Hi! Thanks for dropping by the old blog! The flowers you refered to on your comment are made of felt. Last I looked the website for astweeascanbe wasnt active, but anyway it was the 2 lovely girls there who produced it.
    Caroline x

  8. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Ahh, great post. It is hard to struggle with being a mother. It is a overused term but I just told a friend the other day. This (parenting) is the hardest thing I have ever done. Every stage I think well once this is over it gets easier. Not!! We have 4 and are adopting a 5th. It still isn't any easier. I am lucky that we have good kids and I am a decent enough mom;)) I do try.
    Your platter is lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my paper flowers.

  9. Just relax and enjoy Jack. You will make mistakes but that's life. Life is not perfect and that is a great lesson for children to learn.

  10. Anonymous11:24 AM

    As women we all try to do every thing right every time but as human beings this just isn't possible.

    That platter is so pretty and its meaning and lesson was worth its price. :)

  11. Such great comments about your dear post, there is not a mama out there that has not agonized the same way you do. We all just do the best we can with what we know!!

  12. I love the platter! I agree, $15 is high for thrifting, however, I think it's well worth the $...nice find!

    :) D

  13. Your post is so heartfelt, and something we can all relate to. I'm just hoping I've given my ds's the foundation to make good decisions and even though they will get things wrong sometimes (like momma), they will get it right more than not. It's okay to make mistakes, that's how we grow and learn, same for the children :)

    Love your platter. I have an addiction for platters, too.

  14. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I love, love, love this photo. It's so beautiful and you totally captured the love between a father and child.

    PS... I think a great mother is the mother who yearns to "do right". Like you. :o)


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