Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's tradition

Yesterday we took Jack to the Moolah Shriner's Parade. I think this is the fifth year in a row that we have gone, so by now it's tradition. The weather was picture perfect, unlike last year which was broiling hot (in the 90s) and the year before when we had to wear our winter coats. This year Jack loved every minute of it. The motorcycles, the clowns, the bicycles, the candy, and all those cars! The Shriner's parade is certainly heaven for a 2 year old boy.
This year we sat where we could look out on the river while the parade passed by. What a gorgeous view.
I went to an interesting sale yesterday at the local convent. (Yes, that says convent.) I waited in line to get in and while the sale itself wasn't jump up and down spectacular, it was a lovely experience just being there. The Sisters of St. Mary's have been there since 1875 (talk about tradition), and it certainly isn't very often that I go to a yard sale at a place with so much history.

My best treasure was this really amazing old box covered with wallpaper. Underneath the roses is a very art deco wallpaper. It will be put to work holding trims and things in my sewing room soon, but I spent the ride home wondering what other treasures it used to hold.

Speaking of tradition, our annual trip to Chicago is almost here. Just 2 more weeks and we will be at the Kane County Flea Market and IKEA! Wooohooo.

And with that, I am off for one more tradition, Sunday afternoon BBQ. I hope everyone is enjoying a tradition of your own this weekend, even if it is just a cup of tea and a good magazine. (Have you seen the new Country Living?)


  1. I always wonder what the stories are behind the treasures I've collected. What an interesting box you found...and of all places, a convent!

    Jack looks like he is enjoying the parade, I'm sure he looks forward to all the traditions you have started as a family!

    As a matter of fact, I just read the newest Country Living yesterday as I sat outside in the sun with a glass of Lipton Diet Raspberry White Tea....both were delicious :)


  2. love that box! how very pretty =) must have been a very interesting sale being at a convent... i always wonder about the history of treasures, like who added the wallpaper to your lovely box, what did it hold, were they happy memories??? the joys of junkin'! debbie

  3. The little guys are so fun to take to parades. A perfect tradition!

    I love to go to sales in the old churches around here. What fun to go to one in an actual Convent and then to find such a great treasure. It should have good karma, I'm thinking!

  4. He is just so goshdarned cute! He always looks like he's having a ball in your pictures.
    I devoured the latest Country Living as soon as it showed up in my mailbox. Subscribing sure is cheaper, but I hate having to pass by the latest copy in the checkout line, wondering when mine will show up!

  5. That is a beautiful box!! I would love to visit a convent!

    The new Country Living is awesome, one of the stores featured: Digs, is in my home town and I go there everytime I visit- a blessed tradition- even if I am the only participant!!

  6. You post a comment on my blog if I was the Monique with the question about your nap matts. I'm sorry to say that it's not me.
    But I'm glad you stopped by so I had a change to look at your nice blog.

  7. I will be at the Kane County Flea Market as well! My gang over here at the Chicagoland craft collective really wanted to go... so we will be there in packs! :)

    I live right near there.... small world!

  8. I generally prefer the Sandwich Antiques Fair (west of Chicago) to Kane County, but I might make an appearance myself. Where do you stay in Chicago? Any interest in grabbing a cup of coffee? I understand it you're too busy on your visit. Enjoy the Windy City!

  9. Love that purchase, its so good to get a bit of history. Hope the rest of your weekend goes well. Mmm now where is my CL mag? kettels on!!!
    Suzie Sews
    PS Thanks for all your cool comments on my blog:-)

  10. Anonymous5:23 AM

    What a beautiful box. Someone must have taken the time to create such a pretty thing to hold some sort of personal treasure.

  11. You know I need more details that just "some local convent" lol.

    Love the box!

    A "new" new Country Living? I haven't gotten a new one for a little while. I hope that means a fabulous issue is on its way to me!

    Sounds like a great weekend!!


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