Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oh wow!

Spring is still doing it's thing all around us, and Jack wakes up first thing in the morning asking if we can go outside. Every day is still filled with new discoveries, the biggest one this week was dandelions. When Jack spotted one in the back yard that had gone to seed he exclaimed, "Look at that cat hair!" LOL
We showed him how to blow the seeds, and he promptly picked every dandelion in the yard to play with the seeds.
Of course, we had to pick up the pinecones. (Which are very sticky and promptly dropped back into the yard.)
And we had to try and move a big brush pile. Look how hard he is pulling!

Thank you for all the quilt love. I did not make them. They are of varying varieties of vintage and varying conditions. (Remember I said I cannot cut them?) I was just thinking I needed to cull the collection a little, as I have a few more lying around that I need to fit into the cabinet. Usually quilts are shamefully cheap around here, and I pick them up here and there and add them to pile. I hadn't really realized what a nice collection I had amassed until Jack was standing in front of that cabinet!

Speaking of collections, I found some interesting things in my travels this morning which I will share with you tomorrow. Happy weekend to all.


  1. where are quilts shamefully cheap? I need to know!

    happy weekend to you, too!

  2. "cat hair" -- I love it!

    and very jealous of your cheap quilts!!

  3. Jack is just so darn cute! IT looks like he's going to be a big help in the yard this summer.

  4. Anonymous12:46 AM

    You lucky thing. I have never, ever seen a secondhand quilt to buy. You must live in an area where quilting has a great history.

  5. Around here they always seem to be a couple hundred dollars.

    I have only ones that came from my family and since we've used them to death they are in woeful condition.

    Oh well. i do believe in using old things so even though they are shredding I know that they have been cherished. Kind of like the Velveteen Rabbit.


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