Saturday, April 07, 2007

Under the wire

The pink basket is complete, just under the wire.
The inside worked out better this time. Those little bunnies are actually from a Kleenex .
Jack stamping eggs yesterday. He loves stamps right now. It is the first thing he asks me on the days he goes to school, "get a stamp today?"
And a bit of a stamping disaster. Jack's eyes welled up with big tears when the egg broke, and he was very disappointed that there was no way Mama could put that egg back together.


  1. I love that pink basket! So pretty. And the inside is fabulous! I never would have known those were Kleenex. How clever!

    I know what you mean about under the wire--I just dyed more pipecleaners today and now they have to dry overnight! I'm going to be making chicks tomorrow afternoon when we get home from brunch.

  2. Love your Basket Sarah, and the use of kleenex! Very creative!

    My son did the stamp thing this year must be the in thing :)'s the little lessons they learn with even eggy coloring about life, isn't that the truth. We can't put everything back together for our youngins, but we sure do try!

    Happy Easter!

  3. Ok, I really liked the blue basket. But, I LOVE the pink basket!! Love the wee bunnies too!

    Too bad about the smashed egg. :(

    My Mason went nutso over tie-dye eggs (which were way less hassle than I thought they'd be).

  4. I love the idea that Jack thought that you could put the egg back together again. How precious. The basket is adorable and I love the lining.

  5. Happy Easter to you and yours!

  6. I know a 4th grader who was just as upset over a similar egg mishap!

    The pink basket is wonderful! My mother in law gives me those lovely tissue packs in my stocking and I never know what to do with them since I couldn't possibly USE them! Now you have me thinking!

  7. That basket is gorgeous! I wish I had one. Now that Easter is over I have all sorts of ideas for Easter crafts. Figures.

  8. Just adore your basket, wow!


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