Tuesday, May 15, 2007

And the winners are...

Drawing #3, for the tablecloths, Autum !

Drawing #2, for the skirt, Emily!

Drawing #1, for the giant fabric pile, Katie Jean!

Thank you so much to everyone for playing along and for all of the birthday wishes! I am sorry that everyone couldn't be a winner, but being the "collector" that I am, I am sure there will be other goodies to give away later this summer.

P.S. If you don't notice an email asking for your address this week, then be sure to email me in case it was lost.


  1. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Yay!!! Thanks Jack and thanks Sarah :)

  2. ohmigoodness me.. I won!??! Thanks Jack (and Sarah!)

  3. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I just dropped by for a quick looksy! I enjoyed your blog. I found it on North Threads. I have to say that pic of Jon Bon Jovi, WOW! Glad you had a good birthday.

    Tina Kay

  4. Happy Birthday! I wish that skirt would have fit me...but since it wouldn't, I am so pleased that is going to Emily!

  5. Congratulations winners and I hope you had a perfect birthday xoxo Clarice

  6. happy birthday girl! mine was sunday! love them may birthdays!


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