Sunday, May 20, 2007

Flea Market Sundays

As flea marketing season continues onward toward summer, the crowd swells along with the heat. Frankly, that makes me crabby, so I hardly even stay to see the entire market. It has been a few not so great weeks as far as the market and yard saling go anyway, so I don't feel like I am missing much. The things in this week's post have been picked up here and there, a yard sale, the flea market, an antique mall, etc.

I just love the star ornaments in the box above. I have a few others that are space themed, but they seem hard to come by.
I have been wanting to find a cherry tablecloth, and I love this one, but it is a bit too small for the table, so the hunt for a bigger one continues.
A rather tall bottle brush tree, complete with ornaments. This is the only one of these I have the pleasure of owning.
And a sweet, summery pair of pillowcases.

Oh my current junking to hunt for list:
An enamel pitcher
Old wallpaper (I NEED this for a project darn it!)
More millinery flowers
A victorian scrapbook that I can afford
Vintage Independence Day bunting

How about your hunting for list? Looking for anything special?

P.S. If I owe you a package, I am working on them today, hopefully we will get to the post office early this week. I still need 2 addresses and then we are ready to go!


  1. OOH!! Fabulous finds! I am so jealous of you thrifting gals who find real treasures!! Lovely blog--mind if I add you to my favorites? xo-Melfie

  2. Oh, Sarah, those ornaments are gorgeous! I'm on the lookout for red white and blue bunting as well, I may make some repros for now.

  3. Great stuff, as usual, Sarah. Hey, I have vintage wallpaper for sale in my etsy shop. I'd be willing to put together a custom packet for you if any of them would work for your project. Just let me know.

  4. I love seeing what other people scoop at flea markets and yard sales. I love your cherry tablecloth, it's a shame it's too small.

  5. Love the tablecloth.

    I am never really "looking" for anything. It just finds me.

  6. Oooh - great tablecloth and pillowcases! Those are terrific!

    So pretty : )

  7. those pillowcases are to die for! i'm currently searching for cabinet for my stash. antique if i can find it.

  8. Okay I really love that cherry table cloth. Great find !!! Clarice

  9. I love, love, love that cherry tablecloth. What a great find!

  10. Love the old ornaments and bottle tree! I'm always so drawn to them. I have a small bottle brush wreath that came covered in glass ornaments like your tree that I just love.
    I'm always on the hunt for many different things - lots of the same things as you! I've been wanting an old enamelware pitcher for awhile. I have a reproduction but it's just not the same. I also have a project that I need some vintage wallpaper. I never seem to come across any. Tops on my hunting list is a little vintage cabinet of just the right size to fit in my bathroom to hold tub toys. I've been searching for that one for several years now. One of these days...probably after the kids are too old for tub toys!

  11. Love the ornaments and bottle tree Sarah!
    I actually set out to find a great toaster oven this weekend, after ours of 28 years died. Found the coolest one for 6 dollars... like brand new!
    But as always I am on the lookout for vintage sewing notions and soft, silky pillow cases... and anything else that catches my eye.

  12. I love that bottle brush tre,SOOOO lovely! Millinery flowers are on my list too.

  13. If I made lists mine would look something like yours except I already have way too many pitchers. I would love to be able to find an old scrapbook.


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