Saturday, May 12, 2007

I am not so wierd

When Jack looked over my shoulder and saw the photos in this blog post he said, "Oh, that's why you went outside!" That really made me smile.
I have been tagged several time for a few of the current memes, but since I have already told you 6 weird things about me, I thought I would just add one to the list. I picked up this book at a garage sale this morning after my husband spotted it. You see, my husband knows that I quietly lust after a vintage station wagon.
Oh, to cruise around town with Jack and I in a 1950's version station wagon...How could you not want one of those beauties? Sure beats the minivan. But, I think that might make me wierd. And the book? Awesome. It is loaded with all sorts of crazy 1950's car seat contraptions and experimental boats and so much more. So, other than reading a 1957 book on station wagons, I have been winding vintage ribbons and trims around the wooden spools* I bought at the convent sale a few weeks back. This is a strangely therapeutic task (and it was helping me avoid the gigantic mess in my sewing room that was the result of new IKEA furniture). This is so much nicer than having them waded up in a ball somewhere.
How beautiful is the French label on this spool? I could sit and look at it's perfection all day long.

*Credit for this idea goes solely to Jennifer at The Felt Mouse.


  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I must admit that I'm more inclined to lust after a new Volvo wagon, but that book does indeed look cool!

    I need more ribbon. I don't have enough to warrant charming bobbins ...

  2. Give me a vintage stay wag and a teardrop trailer, and I would feel like I won the lottery!

  3. I love that station wagon book! What a fun and unusual find.

    Your ribbons look so pretty on the spools! Last year at the thrift I passed up several bags of old wooden spools. I just couldn't think of anything to do with them, but I knew I would live to regret it. And I do. D'oh.

  4. Anonymous7:26 PM

    yeah, that doesn't make you weird! those are cool cars!

    and the spools!!!! oh, the loveliness!

  5. Anonymous3:26 AM

    you arn't wierd to me! It is going to be funny when this generation of kids get to school and start talking about their Mama's blogs :-)

    The good news is that I set your angel resin today and it set ok, it is FULL of bubbles because the weather is too cold really but I will put my super critical hat away and send it anyway. It needs a top coat and it will be on its way to you along with your long overdue prize! arggg :-)

  6. Anonymous8:22 AM

    your trims look so pretty on those spools! happy mother's day!

  7. Happy Mothers day!!! I would love to own a vintage station wagon! That book is to die for! In fact I actually tend to be quite practicalabout vehicles ,because the hub travels and I would never wish to break down(even with triple a),but I did drive a PT cruiser to satisfy that vintage look,we finally traded it this year,because I was over the vintage look thing due to my car ,out of warranty and breaking down,and having to call triple a !!

  8. LOVE those spools! What a GREAT find!!! Debbie =)

  9. My husband wants to get another hearse for "town" driving, but I keep pointing out that they guzzle gas the way all cars used to. I feel like such a heel having to point that out to him. Maybe he could get one just to drive on a Sunday afternoon.

    Personally, if I was going to get a guzzler I would prefer your version. As much as I think hearses are cool, I just think the old station wagons are so much more cheerful!

  10. LOVE these spools of ribbon! Think I'm going to have to "borrow" that idea!!! :)

  11. I just found your blog and i need that book too! LOL! I have wanted a vintage stationwagon for years! hubby owns a vintage mustang restoration business, so you can guess what i drive instead! BUt i still want a stationwagon!


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