Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Flowers

Word of the new Martha Stewart craft line at Michael's is blowing through the internets like wildfire, so of course I had to go there for a little visit. Oddly enough the most interesting thing there for me were the tissue paper craft kits. However, they were not $20 interesting.

So I bought some of her tissue paper and came home and made my own Tissue Paper Pom-Poms*. They were just what I needed to go with my little Sheep ornaments. (I bought mine on Ebay.) Now I have a cute spring tree to replace the Easter one.
I picked up 2 of these sweet little metal cone things at Goodwill ages ago with the idea that I would use them for May Day baskets. With the addition of a vintage hankie and some grosgrain ribbon I think they worked pretty well.

I hope everyone else is getting the chance to enjoy some May Day flowers!

*I cut the tissue into 3 inch wide strips to make small pom-poms, the directions tell you to use the full sheet of tissue paper. I didn't have floral wire, so I used whatever kind of bendy wire I could find on the tool pegboard in the garage. The first flower was a little tricky because they are small, which make seperating the layers a little difficult, but after one you will be on a roll. They do take a few hours to make though.


  1. Admire your self-restraint at Michaels - I did not escape so easily...

    Love the tree, and LOVE the May Day cone! I fear mine will be a day late (and probably not as cute, either)

  2. Those cones are gorgeous, I LOVE them! What a great May Basket idea. :-)


  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Love your little May day cones! So pretty!
    You have such a pretty little blog here!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by, and please come back often!

  4. At first I thought those were shower poufs, but then I remembered to put my glasses back on! I'm dying to try making some tissue flowers now.
    Oh, and the sheepie ornaments are adorable!

  5. i love to look at things in magazines and KNOW that I can do it for cheaper! way to go! and the may day baskets are darling!

  6. Happy May day Sarah. I hope you and Jack had a fun day. Also thank you for saving me $20.00. I am heading to Michaels tomarow. Clarice

  7. That tree is so cute. I'm dying to go check out the new line. I'm not sure I can resist buying though, so I should probably wait a while so my husband doesn't kill me!

  8. The pom-poms and cones are GORGEOUS Sarah!

    Can't wait 'til I have some free time to take a look at the new Martha stuff. :)

  9. I love, L.O.V.E. this little tree.
    Suzie Sews

  10. How sweet! My boss brought us some May Day flowers, but they are just dyed daisies, not as pretty as what you made!

    Have you and Jack ever put flowers into colored water and watched them change colors? I want to do it with Sadie but I think she is still too little to understand the cause and effect.

  11. I've definetly been gone for too long and am the last to know about Martha and her craft line. Hhhmmm. I might need to stop there today.

    Love your scores this weekend. Love your anthropolgie apron, too.

    Did you see the CHicago article in Romantic Homes this month? I thought of you while reading it today.

    Cheers! LA

  12. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Love your pom pom tree :)

  13. That is really cool. I've been really enjoying all the variations on seasonal tree decorations. It's a great way to dress up your house elegantly with each holiday.

    I especially love the egg trees and I think I'll have to have one for next year. How did you make your "tree" or did you buy it somewhere?

  14. love all of the pretties you made =) debbie

  15. Anonymous4:21 PM

    OMGAWDDD, I almost bought that damn pompom kit today and I'm so glad I didn't! Thanks for the brilliant link to Martha's instructions herself. I wouldn't have thought to look there since she's selling those now.

    I did come home with some of her glitter today. Not sure it'll be replacing my undying love for pure silver glass glitter but just the same, martha is my homie. I must help make her richer. LOL LOL

  16. Anonymous8:32 PM

    I love your blog. Jack is a sweetheart. I saw the Martha Stewart crafts too...and yep you're right $20. is a bit much. thanks for the link!

  17. Love those cute sheep!


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