Sunday, May 27, 2007

Not too shabby

I really wasn't planning on going to the flea market today because tomorrow is the 35th annual Gypsy Caravan , which we usually attend, and it would have been my flea market for the week. But boredom (and curiousity!) got the better of us, and off to the market we went. Because it is sort of rainy it was actually nice and quiet, and I definitely prefer that to the heat and insanity of last week's market.

Besides, look what I found! Those of you who have been hanging around here awhile may remember that we sleep on this bed , which I consider one of my best antiquing finds ever. I was ridiculously excited to spot this at the flea market this morning, since these beds are rarely (if ever) seen around here. It's a small one, and something wierd has gone on with the foot board, but woooooohoooo it is all mine! The quilt top I found isn't too shabby either.
(Jack is showing me a picture he drew of "outside.")

Yesterday we all went to the brand new, gigantic Cabellas to look for a handheld GPS. Ordinarily I boycott these places purely because the stuffed animals in there are, well, rather gross to me. Before we had even gone into the store Jack was asking what store this was. Dave replied with something like "this is a manly store." So Jack looks at me and says, "this is a manly store, in'nt Mama?"

While my husband was investigating said GPS, I had the (not so very nice) pleasure of pushing Jack around to see said dead animals. A few more gems from Jack on that trip:

Upon seeing a mountain lion, with fangs and claws bared, ready to rip the throat out of a deer, "Look mama! A kitty! Meoowwww!"

Upon seeing an elk standing in a stream, "That cow needs to take a bath!"

Upon seeing a mini cooper in a parking lot, "Look at that bike trailer."

LOL, kids. He gets funnier every day.


  1. Yeah, Cabellas is pretty freaky. I have seen it only once, in Minnesota.

  2. cabellas is too goss for me! have to ask, where are you? i thought you said missouri once. if you are in the kc area we go to the same said store! love that jack...too cute! thanks for the helpful comments on my blog the past few days!

  3. Love I really love the bed frame!! what is your plan for it?

    Ditto on Cabellas, but I do like their giantic fish tank.

    The Jack commentary is priceless!!

  4. I love the bed and the quilt top, what amazing finds!!!! A GPS??? Have you heard of geocaching? If not, it's something you should look into, it's TONS of fun. If you go to you'll find out all you ever wanted to know about it (and more!)

  5. Anonymous6:31 PM

    wow, really nice finds! i'd love to see another shot of the quilt top.

    (and little jack is too funny)

  6. Anonymous8:01 PM

    you know what is really funny? I have been trying to sell my antique childhood brass bed for like forever!!! nobody wants it, if you were in Australia I would give it to you! along with the parcel I STILL owe you, I haven't forgotten, it is on my list.. :-)

  7. That is a great bed! and the one you sleep in too! I never heard of Cabellas, I guess they dont have them in downstate NY, Oh wait maybe I have seen catalogs of that store :) Jack is adorable!!!

  8. Great finds!! Oh . . . cloud nine is a flea market (or thrift store!!)


  9. Anonymous7:07 AM

    I am pro-GPS, because my biggest fear is getting lost, even in the city I live in. Freeway interchanges take a person by surprise, there ...

    Cool bed!

    I saw some near-dead animals at a market in Bangkok. Bunnies and squirrels (for real) and kittens that weren't doing very well in temperatures over 100F. I am sure that Madeline would have liked them nonetheless, even if they just made me sad!

  10. Anonymous8:52 AM

    What a great haul!

  11. not too shabby at all - what a wonderful find!

  12. way he saw it though, thanks for sharing, kids are the best!

  13. That bed is an amazing find! Good for you!


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