Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Leapin' Lizards

Jack has been making some big developmental leaps this past week or so. Since he was about 15 months old, his vocabulary has been well beyond that point where we counted how many words he had, and he has used sentences freely. But the structure and depth of his sentences has very clearly changed this week. A conversation this week:
Jack to his dad, "Is it thundering?"
Dad, "Yes."
Jack, "Is it going to rain some more?"
Dad, "Maybe."
Jack, "I'm not scared anymore."
Dad, "Why?"
Jack, "It's not thundering anymore!"

Prior to this week he had been asking questions like crazy, but no matter what your answer was it seemed like he never heard the answer he was expecting, so he would just keep asking and asking and asking and asking. This week you can answer him and it is final. Another conversation. "Mama, what are you doing?" "Making dinner Jack. What are you doing?" "I am sitting here waiting for a hot dog." And he stopped there. (Speaking of hot dogs, while we were grilling on Sunday he carried around that package of hot dogs for almost an hour. He played ball while holding it, chased bugs while holding it, and who knows what else. It cracked me up.)

And one more, just because it was funny. We were in the car on the way to a garage sale. We passed a sign that said we were entering St Louis. Dave says in a goofy voice, "Welcome to St Louis!" and Jack replied with "uh oh." (I realize this is not so funny to those of you who aren't very familiar with St Louis City. St. Louis is the most violent city in the US this year , a fact that I do not find the least bit funny.)
We have been a little crafty too. After I saw this butterfly , I knew Jack and I had to make them. He has been asking me if he can make more of them ever since, he loved it so much. I think more butterflies are on the agenda for today then! Ours deform a bit when hanging, and I hoping to find a crafty solution to that problem.

Tomorrow I will show you the dresser remake, it is all done and it is wonderful!


  1. Sounds like Jack is making leaps and bounds lately with his language skills. It is amazing isn't it. I'm constantly reminded by my lil man how fast he is growing up as well. Never underestimate the comprehension capabilities of children, they know and understand more and learn so quickly--than we sometimes credit them with!

  2. I think it's very funny that Jack's reply to was "uh oh". :)

    The butterfly is so pretty. What a great use for old buttons!

  3. Love the butterfly. I wonder if you need something like thin cardboard to help it hold its shape. I have a 6-year old and I think he would love this project!

  4. Aren't conversations with children so fun? Well, I mean, they can be annoying sometimes, too, but mostly they are darling.

    Love the butterfly.

  5. Jack sounds like such a great kido!

    Can't wait to see the dresser!

  6. i love talking with little guys that age. such an adventure. i think i love jack. never met him, but i think i love him. too cute.

  7. Anonymous7:05 PM

    i love it when i see my kids mature right before my eyes. hooray for jack!

  8. Jack sounds so cute! :) It's cool that you document all the adorable statments he makes now, so that you'll always remember them.

  9. he's such a cutie-pie!

    I *totally* get the humor in the "uh-oh". Silly guy ;)

    Can't wait to see the dresser!

  10. I love, love, love hearing all of Jack's sentences - its sounds great. And I love the uh-oh. Katrina does this too at such random times that it is pretty funny. Glad to see that Jack is having fun crafting with his momma!

  11. Such a cute butterfly!

  12. Love the butterfly. I've got to get the kids to do this. They'll love it.

    Cheers! LA


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