Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So, I returned the camera. LOL All of the pictures are blurry (as you might notice with the photos below.) I think I am just going to try and Ebay a replacement exactly like the current one. Dinosaurs are good. Dinosaurs are useful. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Someone asked if I liked the pillow after all of that. I do like the idea of it, but, in usual Sarah fashion, I tend to fixate on the problems (the square is crooked, the graphic is a little crooked) and not see things as a whole. I am working on that. I am working on liking it. At least it is only temporary right?
July will bring a new napping pillow.
Anyway, on with the (blurry) garage sale find show. This is a cardstock pop up church. There are neat little things to see when you look inside each of the windows or peek through the trees. I am sure Jack will love it come Christmas time. I realized after I took the photo that I didn't have it together exactly right. I will certainly jazz it up a little with glitter and stuff when fall gets near.
New year's party crowns. They are certainly new (but still marked beistle), and I bought them thinking I am going to scavenge the crepe paper for other projects.
An old plastic star tree topper. I LOVE this! I spent a long time carefully cleaning it up and I can't wait to use it next Christmas.
Another tree topper, foil this time. The part that goes on the tree is tearing off, and I will likely end up using the star as something other than a tree topper (I have lots of glass indent ones I use), but it is so sweet and the perfect aqua color. (Bad, bad, bad photo here.)

There is other stuff too, since I was able to go without Jack on Saturday. He went on a bike ride with Daddy instead. I will (hopefully) show you more tomorrow. I have been working hard on cutting a million squares of fabric for the fabric swap and on trying to photograph more of my tablecloth collection. (You can see those on my Flickr.) Oh yea, and finishing the organizing in the sewing room. Basically I could blog every day from now until August and still have more things to blog about right now. :-) It's good to be busy.


  1. I am seriously swooning over that pop-up card! It will fit so well in your color pallete!

  2. That pop-up card is so sweet! I hope your organizing is going better than mine...

  3. Anonymous1:12 PM

    you know, i really like the photos in this post. good luck - i have camera issues, too.

    brilliant finds, as always - i have no idea how you keep track of this stuff - plus where you keep it!

  4. christmas in june. nice. garage sales sans child. very nice. a full creative plate. perfect.

  5. You do sound busy! I love your finds, especially the plastic star tree topper!

  6. What kind of camera is it that you're taking back? I'm in the market for a new camera and I want to steer clear of whatever that is! I take enough blurry pictures on my own without the camera causing more, LOL!

    Love that red star tree topper! Very cool.

  7. Sarah--good luck with the cameras! We've had success with Canons, and they range from cheap to super expensive.

  8. I love the pop-up card! I would have snatched it up myself. Must post a pic after you spiff it up with some glitter.


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