Thursday, June 21, 2007


Working on a birthday gift for a friend, felt covered cork coasters, from an idea from Martha Stewart . Including a beautiful piece of vintage silk in the package for her to create something for herself with. (Impossible to iron.)
Working on fine motor skills with old Playskool beads. He can string them all now!
Working on ironing the recent collection of vintage white linens to freshen up the ladder for the first day of summer. More photos on flickr .

Working on getting my hot little hands on Bon Jovi's new CD, Lost Highway. Excellent video footage can be seen here , just in case anyone else is as hot for them as I am. LOL


  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    I enjoyed seeing all your WIPs :)

  2. Anonymous5:39 PM

    i loved those beads as a kid - actually, i still do!

  3. The coasters look great Sarah! Something else to add to the "Projects to try someday" file.

    Ugh! I can't get the Bon Jovi videos to play. They were on The View yesterday and you should have seen me clutching the remote to keep DS from changing the channel! :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog & the compliment on the house - it's beginning to feel real that we'll be living there. I'm INSANELY jealous of yard sales in your area. My mom's from Indiana, and I love to go antiquing/thrifting there because the stuff is just plain better. :)

  5. huge. bon. jovi. fan! can't wait to get my paws on that one. thanks for the link! love the new linens. what a way to welcome in summer!

  6. I'm visiting you blog and how did I get here??? yep I clicked the link from my blog. heee heee

  7. I love the linens and the ladder. White is such a refreshing color.

  8. Looks like your having soooo much fun! & I just adore that pink mag rack!!
    ~Happy summer~

  9. Love your ladder idea. I have one of these, now if I only could get my hands on some of those beautiful linens...! I am thinking of using my ladder in my pool area. I could put towels or magazines on it, but can you think of anything more interesting?
    Love your blog!!


  10. Anonymous3:36 AM

    my daughter loves to string the smae big beads. and i love to help her- i figure one is never too old?


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