Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Itch

I've been busy altering composition books to hold all of my torn out magazine pictures. I REALLY have the redecorating itch at the moment. Not the "trading spaces tear apart the entire house and redecorate in 2 days" itch, but the "shop your own cabinets and closets and switch out the pictures and the rugs and the knick knacks" kind of itch. (Well that and the polish the silver and wash the filthy windows kind of itch too.)
It all started when I repainted that dresser. It scares my husband who says he likes the house how it is, LOL. I think it must be because we have been in this house since Christmas 2002, and that is probably the longest I have ever lived anywhere since I was born. In fact, this house is my sixth place to live since I graduated from high school in 1993. I don't even think I could count how many places I lived in before I turned 18.
Jack and I watched Mr Rogers for the first time together on Tuesday morning. (It used to be on before he got up, but not only have they moved it to a later hour, he has that getting up at 6 am problem still.) He was mesmerized. I have never seen him be so still when he was awake. Never. And it is soothing television, even for me. Mr Rogers gets a big thumbs up from us this week.

Jack also went back to school yesterday. Despite his nerves in the morning, he apparently had the best time ever. He was so excited to tell me all about it when I picked him up. "Mom we played cars on the road!" "Look mom, I played on that whee!" "I had pretzels!" "I made a projik!" I guess moving up to the bigger kids room was the right thing to do after all, eh?

So, what did I do with my 5 free hours? Nothing. I sat outside in silence. I watched Martha (which is FINALLY back on tv here). I ate lunch without grabby fingers. I went to a few yard sales where I realized I missed that small voice in the back of the car asking me "Where are we going mama?" "Will there be cars there?" "Can we ride the train?" That first day of school is always bittersweet I suppose.

Anyhow, we are off to the park to enjoy some of this wonderful, not blazing hot weather. Cheerio.


  1. Wait -- you wash windows? Sarah-good-buddy-good-friend, what are you doing on Saturday?

    I've realized that in the few brief moments I have to leave the house alone, I talk to myself. I guess I've had a "companion" with me for the past 10 1/2 years and it's a hard habit to break. Glad you could enjoy your little bit of peace.

  2. parker has recently been into captain kangaroo thanks to you tube. that and electric company. i knew i liked that kid (hee hee).

  3. Bittersweet indeed. Glad to see that Jack is doing well in the big kids room.

  4. I think you're right; the first days of school are probably the hardest, but I think you'll start to appreciatie the solitude after a while. :)

    hehe, I liked you said about sometimes having the trading space's itch. I think we've all had it at one time or another. :)

  5. The trading out the knick knacks and moving the furniture itch is much cheaper anyway than the trading spaces itch. I love the show freestyle (I think that's the name) where they just make a whole new look with what the people have in the house already. It's amazing how much the look can change with just a few alterations!

    Jack sounds like he is getting more and more used to going to school--and you'll get used to those moments of solitude as well--but it's always nice to hear that chitter chatter again. We'd be lost without all the questions from our wee ones, wouldn't we??

  6. Gosh...that brings back memories. My youngest will be 15 next week. We used to watch Mr. Rogers together. Actually I watched it with my two older kids too. I loved Mr. Rogers! I remember when my son went to pre-school. I was lost without him the first few days.

  7. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Great that Jack had such fun.

  8. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Love those little altered books :)

  9. I love those altered composition books! I have a sort of decorating binder that I put magazine clippings in and I think the outside of the binder really needs something... Maybe I will try to decorate it a bit:)

  10. Hi Sarah...I just linked here from Jen's Cottage Nest.

    I'm a Sarah too and my oldest is a Jack. I have moved around a ton all my life and also been in my current house the longest of any home, 6 years. I can relate to alot of what you are saying. Love the composition book idea...I need to do something like that before my house caves in from the weight of a million magazines. :)

    Looking forward to reading back into your blog!!


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