Thursday, July 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

We always have a small celebration for Christmas in July. It breaks up the long summer a bit. We listened to Christmas music, went out to a real restaraunt for dinner and exchanged a few small presents.

Lucky me, I found 2 boxes of ornaments at yard sales yesterday while Jack was at school! These long blue ones are going to look great dangling from the Christmas tree.
Jack loves opening presents. He was pretty pleased to see Rheneas and the rock crusher cars. We also bought him more of the Thomas tattoos that he fell in love with on our big "day out with Thomas" adventure. I am sure he will be sporting one in every photo from here until the real Christmas in December.
I picked up a gorgeous (dead) beetle in the Target parking lot a few days ago. It is a perfectly preserved specimen and is the most beautiful green color. Jack is not the least bit frightened by bugs in general and he would happily carry the thing around all day if I would let him. He has also been known to carry around a cicada shell or two when he finds them. (Those do gross me out a little, he puts them on me and I don't like that very much. LOL)

If you aren't creeped out by bugs, you should see the close up photo of it I put on Flickr. (And ignore my ratty fingernails and cuticles.)

One other thing to note while it is current is Jack's love of the word "so". He uses it for everything right now. At Target he said to the cashier "so, we are going to buy those cars." Or after school he will say to me "so, what did you do today?" Or "so mom, I think we should go for a ride on the motorcycle." Even funnier is how he has started to say "Thomas" with a British accent. That kid is a real corker.

Back tomorrow with tip #3 and my summer swap package!


  1. Ha! Christmas in July! What fun!

  2. I think I could totally get into celebrating "Christmas in July"!!! Sounds like fun!

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM

    SO, you guys really like Christmas, huh?

    sounds like you regularly hit yard sales on weekdays! here they are very rare - lucky you!

  4. You were right, he does have thing for bugs! Those ornaments are great, they remind me of my grandmother's Christmas tree :)

  5. Your Christmas in July sounds fun -- the rest of us probably just talk about it. Eeewww Cicadas -- did you have to bring those up??? As far as bugs go, that one's a beauty. LOL.

  6. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I have *totally* been collecting things for a "Christmas in July" blog post. I'm getting antsy!

    You took it that extra lovely step by actually celebrating! How fun.

    P.S. I love the term "corker" and we always say it with an Irish brogue a la "Far & Away"


  7. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Oh sweet boy! I love the "so" business. Mine used "prefer" on me today. As in, "I'd prefer pizza for dinner." Would you now?

    Love the ornaments!

  8. Yeaaaahhhh, Christmas in July! I love it! I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and they have already got the Christmas decorations out...LOL

  9. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Sarah, I can't remember if we have talked about this before, but what route do you take for the 127 sale?
    Email me if you would like!

    Love your new ornaments!

  10. What a sweet idea,I am just wishing for some X-mas weather in July!

  11. Anonymous1:20 AM

    I am not sure that I'd be willing to pick up bugs for my kiddo - alive or otherwise. There are some gigantic snails near our new place, and we had a baby gecko in our apartment the other day :)

  12. We just had a Christmas in July swap here, that was great fun!

  13. What a great idea and beautiful ornaments. I'm totally coveting them!

  14. Those ornaments are lovely! And picking up bugs, gross! :)

  15. i love those blue christmas decorations ... just like the ones we had when i was little !!

    Sara x

  16. I absolutely love that picture of his cute little hands holding the bug! I would crop it and put it in a frame (maybe even change it to black and white). So precious!

    My son loves bugs too, and is always on the hunt for one. He even carries them around live (yuck!).


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