Sunday, July 08, 2007

That's Clever

(Jack calls the mask from Lori his "owl helmet." LOL) As the days of summer move onward, I can really tell that Jack is moving towards being a "preschooler" and not being a "toddler" very much anymore. His language, his comprehension, his skills are all becoming much more sophisticated and he is gaining independence by leaps and bounds. When he was tiny he went through periods where it felt hard to capture all of the changes, and we are definitely in one of those spurts again. A few highlights from this week include this daily occurrence outside his bedroom door:
At first I couldn't figure out what was going on. He asks to take these trucks to bed with him. He plays with them for a little while, then opens his bedroom door, sets them outside of it, goes back into his room and goes to sleep. It occurred to me the other day that when he is having trouble sleeping I will often go in there and take whatever he is playing with away. The trucks outside the door? He is taking away his own toys so he can go to sleep. Clever, eh?

Other moments:
When he saw me making the lampshade he came running over and said, "Hi Mama! That's clever!"

I switched his "Dandy" (the security blanket) for a clean one the other day. When he went into his room to find Dandy he came out into the hallway and said to me, "This is a clean Dandy! It smells clean."

Sometimes when he is being very bossy I will call him "your highness." While I was changing his diaper the other day I asked him to do something and he replied, "Yes your highness."

He will occasionally answer "okay" when told no.

We fixed up the playroom again this past month (we hadn't been down there very much since spring came). He went downstairs to play the other day and he said to me on the way down, "Mama, I am gonna go downstairs. If I need you I will say come downstairs mama!"

And a few other things of note. He is reliably counting to 10, he has made the switch (finally!) to the toddler bed for good, he returns to his one day a week school this week (he isn't very excited about this), he has started spontaneously singing (Rascal Flatt's Life is a Highway) and he has a memory like a steel trap. I am pretty sure he could memorize the entire Constitution if we set our minds to it!


  1. Soooo great that you document his changes in this way. Certain things we will never forget . . . lots of other things will. Every so often you can have your blog bound into a book and then he will always have it.
    Love it!

  2. "Your highness" That's great! :)

    awwwww...he parks the little cars outside his door. So smart and independent!

    Dandy is a cute name. Did he name it or did you? :)

  3. He looks so cute in the mask! I love hearing Jack stories. He is at one of the cutest ages ever.

  4. How old is Jack? My little P is 3 and 3 months and a bit behind in speech, but otherwise, sounds very similar. I should be better about writing down all that he is doing!

  5. Must be so fun to observe all these changes. I notice that some of Jacks trucks are sleeping too. My baby cousin used to lay his rescue heroes on their sides when he went to sleep so that they could sleep too. Too cute!

  6. SO cute, these kind of memories last a lifetime, enjoy!!!
    Suzie Sews

  7. Sounds like your little one is turning into a "big boy". I know how that feels, wonderful and OMG..not so fast!

  8. he reall yis growing up fast! you can almost see it slipping away. preschoolers are sooo much fun though! enjoy!

  9. What a cute little guy! -- Enjoy - it goes REALLY FAST !! It seems like yesterday my boys were that little, now, all of a sudden Matt will be a senior in high school this fall and Evan will be a freshman in high school -- how the heck did THAT happen so fast ?!?!

    . . . AND, thanks so much for stopping by my blog for a visit -- come again soon !

  10. I'm so glad things are opening up into a new and hopefully easier path for you both. Surviving all those early challenges and screaming. Enjoy your little boy as much as you can; he sounds absolutely adorable.

  11. So neat that you document the little changes!


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