Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Under the sun

I think I have already used "A little bit of everything" as a blog title, so how about "A little bit of everything under the sun?" Stuff from garage sales this weekend: a great old cake carrier, a bucket full of buttons (lots of rhinestones!), a 1933 baby book, a hanky made into a pillow and a tablecloth scored using Strategy #1. It was lining a wagon with books on top of it. I tried strategy #1 at another yardsale with tablecloths, but she didn't want to part with hers, so I was 50/50 for that tip this weekend. Did anyone else try it yet?

I am still working on a Strategy #3 for you.
Taking Jack for long morning walks on his "motorcycle" . Jack found the trike at Goodwill for $6! Quite a bargain if you have clicked on that link to see the retail ad. I push and he gives the directions. When we got home yesterday he started clapping and cheering like we had just finished a marathon. LOL And then he called me "a silly grllla," a.k.a. a silly girl. Everyone is a silly girl right now apparently.
I am trying to make these 2 fabrics into a quilt. I am having serious issues deciding on a fabric for the back.
I actually won a tablecloth on Ebay last night. When Rebecca and I were talking about it she asked if I was looking for anything "special" since she said she figured that I get most of my tablecloths locally. (And I do.) I really wasn't looking for anything special, Dave was watching Independence Day, and I was bored. I ended up winning a super cute bird cloth for $2.25. I can't wait for it to get here!

I don't really have a "Holy Grail" of tablecloths that I am searching for, I buy what I find, and what I like. The one above is a bit of a Holy Grail though. I bought it in Florida at an antique mall. I spent $30 for it, and it is by far the most expensive cloth in my collection (not book value wise, but as far as what I pay for them). I love it, it is lovely, but spending that much for it was a big mistake because I am too darn afraid to put this one on the table. Of all the tablecloths I have this is the *only* one to never see the light of day.

Sad, isn't it? LOL


  1. Sarah it's gorgeous! So very "Floridian" too. :) I once lived in the land of the pink stucco myself. :)

    Love that cake keeper, too! That is something I'd like to find someday. I've found the lids but never the whole thing.

  2. I say throw caution to the wind and use the tablecloth, it's a shame for it not to be enjoyed by everyone :)

    My strategies are to buy what catches my eye, nothing more nothing less. Perhaps that's part of my problem!


  3. Sarah,
    Could you use that beautiful tablecloth as a curtain? You could hang it with the hooks that clip on.
    The colors are wonderful!

    I think those two fabrics, would make a very pretty quilt! Please post pics when you are done!


  4. I really like that table cloth as well so pretty.

    Did I miss a post on strtegies for g-saling?

  5. Love your two fabrics -- they'll make something really cute. I agree with Lucy -- use your tablecloth! Did you see the skirt that Autum made out of a tablecloth?

  6. I love your fabric for your quilt. I can't wait to see the finished project. I have a few tablecloths that I am afraid to use but recently saw some framed on stretcher bars and am going to try that.

  7. Great find on that trike! WOW. Maren has a different RF trike but her legs aren't long enough to hit the pedals quite yet, which requires us to push her, so we end up with sore backs from hunching over. Wish hers had a handle like Jack's!

    I like Dana's idea of using your tablecloth as a curtain! It's too pretty to hide in a drawer.

  8. Just found your blog and I am in love w/it! Thanks for the tips on junking. (my dad calls it that too.)
    That cake keeper is incredible!

  9. I agree with Lucy, throw caution to the wind and use that tablecloth! :) It is so pretty!

  10. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Ooh, that's a terrific table-attire! aka tablecloth.
    Hey hey, little Jack is going to be a biker, Mama! Woohoo!
    Better start up a Harley fund... heh!

  11. you totally scored this weekend as always. and that tablecloth? wow!

  12. Anonymous6:31 AM

    well, first off, i don't blame you for getting bored during Independence Day! Ugh. :)

    nice scores - love that yellow tablecloth - I've not seen an opportunity to use Strategy #1 yet, but thanks for the idea!

  13. I love that cake carrier. They are getting harder and harder to find.

  14. I am absolutely drooling over your cake taker! Wow, thats a great one!

  15. Anonymous3:03 PM

    that cake carrier is great! you find the best things.

  16. every time I visit you never let me down, beautiful pictures...
    Suzie Sews


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