Thursday, August 23, 2007

8 a.m.

We had a whopping 2 days break from the scorching heat. That means Jack and I are back on the "get out of the house by 8 am" plan.

On our walk this morning we found flowers in the street...
we climbed a driveway gravel mountain...
and we found flowers still on bushes.
"Look mama, there is some cow food." (Jack amazes me with the things he knows. How does he know that cows eat hay and that dried grass looks like hay? Wonderful.)
Jack burst into a rousing rendition of Wheels on the Bus as soon as the school buses started rolling.
And we found "milk money" again too, 25 cents today. It's only proper that I share another milk money treasure, then, right? I bought the chandelier for a dollar at a garage sale.

I am knee deep in my first real quilt. A quilt big enough to cover Jack. It's a bit daunting, but it's fun. Between sewing as much as I can and reading mountains and mountains of books to Jack*, I hope to have something to show for it by Sunday.

*Jack is on a real reading kick again. He would be happy to have me read every book we own, two or three times a day right now. And we own a lot of children's books. At least 50 in nearly every room of the house. LOL Last week's favorites were Where the Wild Things Are and Tumble Bumble. This week we are onto the "enstein Bears," a.k.a. The Berenstein Bears, and The Spooky Old Tree. As long as it isn't Lyle the Crocodile, I will try not to complain.


  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Cow food! Pretty sharp little guy, for sure. That chandelier is amazing, and for a buck! I have one of those Rose of Sharon Plants, it's killing my husband, lol. Pretty flowers, but every year we cut it way down and every year it towers over the garage again...

  2. I just finished my very first quilt--have fun!

  3. I would like to be read to all day long too, please.
    I love your milk money finds. Really quite extraordinary. You obviously have a good eye and good luck

  4. Anonymous10:28 AM

    it's still hot here. too hot. i went running at 8 am and nearly turned around to go home...

    you and your amazing finds. love that chandelier!

  5. Anonymous1:04 PM

    It's so funny! I was reading your blog when your comment came in by email. Wow...did you scoff a find on that chandelier. It's gorgeous. And I love the "milk money". What an inspiration.

  6. he's a cutie!! looks like you had a fun day!
    wow that chandeleir is a beauty!!

  7. Anonymous6:44 PM

    lovely chandeleir! you have the best vintage finds.
    looks like you two had a lovely walk.

  8. I'm green with envy about your chandalier! Way to go. It's beautiful and for a BUCK. Love those kind of steals. I'm crossing my fingers to find similar deals as I begin to look for lighting (garage sailing etc.) to fill my home.

  9. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Jack is such a cute little boy :)
    I am a big fan of junking too. The chandelier was a brilliant find (I also found one - see my flickr site)
    I will be back to visit your blog soon.

  10. Jack is just adorable!!

    I'm dying over that chandelier! So jealous!!! That is exactly what I want for my bedroom.

    I have to admit, that little guy on the shelf inside the doorway on the left of the chandelier kinda freaks me out. He appears to be waiting to jump onto the heads of passerbys. In a creepy "Chuckie" sorta way.

    Please tell me that really he's a super nice little guy and it's just the dark shadow that makes him seem like that. ;-)

    Can't wait to see the quilt!

  11. He's such a cutie. We are really into reading here too and sometimes reading the same book over and over again can be boring for the mommy, to say the least. Occasionally, the particularly annoying book gets "missing" for awhile.

    What a one dollar find! Your chandelier looks beautiful.

  12. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Cow food! Love it :)

  13. lovely chandelier! luck with the quilt... I find my sewing (and everything else) to be relaxing when I do get the time. I even have a project specifically set aside for when I get to go on bed rest (isn't it absolutely insane that I look forward to it?).

    I think you should come move out here. Then we could get our kids together for a playdate and some indepth discussion of Cows. Tiff's still into Cows in a big way.

  14. The Spooky Old Tree is Dan's favorite book from childhood. We have his original copy. Sadie alternates between loving it and declaring it to be "scawy" and hiding it under her rug.

  15. It's nice to have a break in the weather. We are back to hot weather, after cool weather all week (although we had rain with the cool weather all week). It's nice to see you and Jack out and exploring.

    (and $1? are you kidding me??)

  16. I always enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your finds! Good luck on the quilt...can't wait to see it! Cherry

  17. Cow food - I love that! That is a mighty pretty chandelier you found!

  18. Sounds like a good day!! That chandelier for a dollar!! I am impressed.

    Good luck with the quilt! I am looking forward to seeing it!

  19. What a lovely, sparkly chandelier! Why, oh why does my dollar only get me junk at the Dollar Store??


  20. Sounds like a lovely day! And I would give anything to have Little P want me to read to him all day. He will barely tolerate one book which is better than a year or so ago when he threw a tantrum at the suggestion of reading. I'm sure he'll come around soon...

  21. How wonderful Jack loves you reading to him! That was always such a special time between me and my boys, they loved to be read to! goes so, so fast!

  22. I loved "Where the Wild Things Are" when I was a kid. That chandelier has to be the buy of the year!

  23. I love Where the Wild Things Are!!!

  24. Lyle the Crocodile was one of my favorite books to read to my sis and brother.

    Somewhere I have a pic of my DS with the author of the Lyle books. He was a guest author at ds's school.

    Keep encouraging the reading.

  25. My first (and last as of now) quilt was a baby quilt. The piecing was fine, but I remember how I freaked out at the actual quilting part. Even as small as a baby quilt I had such a hard time maneuvering that thing around my little machine. I thought I was going to ruin it! But it turned out fine, in fact when you wash it after it's done, it makes it look even better!

    It will be a while before I attempt another. My mom recently bought a quilting machine and apparatus, so if I ever get the bug to do another, I will ask her to use it! Good luck!!!

  26. What an absolute cutie pie!

  27. Oh I loved Lyle the Crocodile as a kid! :)

    That chandelier is an amazing find for only $1!!

    Do you happen to know what those flowers on that bush are called? We have a bunch our walkway and I have always wondered...


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