Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Burning questions

Last night as I was getting into the tub I thought, "you know self, I would not be surprised to find them tearing down the Arch the way things are going." Guess what? Today's newspaper headlines read City leaders pitch local control of Arch grounds. The Gateway Arch is a national park and therefore governed by the United States congress. It currently sits on 91 acres. 91 acres which the local government is convinced that it must develop in order to "revitalize" St Louis. I swear there will not be a blade of grass left in this city before they are done.

Ok, that is the end of my political ranting for awhile. Anyone wanna play Q&A?
(Thrifted vintage fabric.) Here are some of my burning questions:

I let Jack hold a basket at the fruit stand and pick out what fruit he wanted to eat this week. He picked up something that looked like a plum on the outside, but was dark red on the inside. There was no seed. He ate the whole thing. Sadly, I have no clue what it was. A little googling revealed something called a black plum, but I couldn't find a seedless one? Any ideas on what he ate? LOL

Jack is totally adept at using a dixie cup to drink from now. But the paper ones go mushy and make a bit of a mess. Are there plastic dixie cups? Or even better a reusable cup that is dixie cup sized?
(Thrifted spice/pill containers.)

My sewing machine needs a new bobbin shuttle because the bobbin bound up while making my quilt. I thought I could avoid the puckering by starting the quilting in the middle and then working to the left side and then returning to the middle and working from the right side. Wrong! The middle is really puckered on the back. Where should I have started?

Our pumpkin plant is not making pumpkins. There are flowers and I could self pollinate to encourage pumpkins, but the flowers never open! Now what?

Jack would like me to sing to him a lot lately. Other than "You are my sunshine" and "Twinkle, twinkle" I am woefully lacking in the "Songs to sing to your toddler" arena. Have any favorites?

I need to repaint the living room. It is currently Martha Stewart Firefly (from back in the Martha paint at K-mart days.) Her new Lowes paint line does not have the same color. I just want to freshen it up, I do not want to change the colors. Is it even possible? Where would I get the paint formula for the old colors?

Ok then! How about all of you? Have any burning questions? (I know someone was asking about customizing your blog, and I will get some links for you later this week.)


  1. Maybe he swallowed the pit? And now I'm out of answers.

  2. How about...

    The wheels on the Bus

    John Jacob Jingle Heimer Shmidt


    As for the fruit, I haven't a clue:)

  3. Songs: Sing a song of sixpence, baabaa blacksheep (many mother goose) ABC song or how about a link to lyrics: One more thought on this...The "wee sing" for children series was a God send for me. You can usually find them on e-bay. My boys also adore the song "Henry the Eigth".

    The fruit? No idea.

    I think tupperware has a cup (or used to) the size you seek.

    THe pumpkin delima I can't help with but you can take in a color to the hardware store and have them match it. Do you have the color on anything else besides the wall. They may even be able to do it from a picture if you can get the lighting right.

    As far as quilting- I am sure that the rule of thumb is to start in the middle with the side rolled up tight and work your way out. That is how I do it however, I have only done small quilts and table runners. Wish I could be more help on that one.

    I would love to know how to change my banner and put links on the other side of my blog?

  4. Ok, lets see... what do I know. I think the pit was small and rather soft and he probably swallowed it. You could always go back next week and look for the same thing and see what it is.

    Tupperware for cups. We still have all of ours from the olden days and Frankie is almost 20.

    Songs. Everyone listed makes my head want to blow off so I suspect those are perfect songs. I know there was one about Joe and the Button Factory that used to drive me NUTS. And that one about Mary and her Red Dress was one all the kids knew in 1st grade and would sing it to torment me when I was helpingin the classroom. So I know they were all well loved as in the end I was sick of them.

  5. Okay, here are my answers:

    It probably was a black plum with either a very soft stone or none at all. (It happens sometimes)

    Tupperware has a set of bell tumblers that hold 7 ounces. I don't think I've seen anything smaller.

    As for the songs, I have something Jack might like. I'll email you about it.

    I'm really no help on the other questions. :)

  6. I can only answer the paint question. You can take a swatch of your old paint to a Benjamin Moore paint dealer and they will make the paint to match it. They use the computer. I swear by Benjamin Moore paint. It's the absolute best.

  7. Okay. No idea about the fruit Jack ate. Very curious, though, if you find out.

    There are plastic drinking cups (I think by Solo). One of your 33 (is it?) Wal-marts should have them. I've seen them in the past. If not, a friend once bought some small Tupperware containers (used for transporting salad dressings???) that had lids and she used them as small cups. I don't know if they still carry them. It's been a few years...

    MS paints: Sherwin Williams carries her line of paint. Check their website. I found ours online even though we couldn't find the paint chip.

    We love the arch. We've been there twice. Joe has to go to the Army Reserve Headquarters every few years and we make it a family trip.

  8. Im not much help--I used to make up songs to sing to my boys..LOL; as far as the cups go, I liked to buy the small seasonal cups at Walmart usually in the seasonal section with the plastic plates and what nots, in a sleave of about 4 for a buck or so.

  9. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Love the fabric ...

    Do you have Mother Goose? It was kind of like a playgroup, but all the facilitator did was teach us songs and rhymes ...

  10. ok...yeah...i should comment. just reading all of the answers! target has hard plastic cups that are about that size. small juice cups. should be by the towels. can't live without them.

  11. I see someone already suggested some of these, but I'll go ahead and share our favorite songs - Little P is definitely a singer!

    The Wheels on the Bus
    Old MacDonald
    Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
    The Ants Go Marching
    Do as I'm Doing
    ABC Song
    Row, Row, Row your Boat
    Sing (Sing a Song - from the old school Sesame Street)

    We also have a few CDs that we love:
    They Might Be Giants Here Come the ABCs
    Jazz for Kids (got this one on iTunes)
    Just for Kids (also from iTunes)

    Happy Singing!

  12. I can't saay much that's not already been said but IKEA has great kids cup...want me to send some?
    Pete Seeger has some great songs for kids about animals that are fun. swallowed a fly, my dog blue...

  13. Anonymous12:08 AM

    If you get a kid's meal at a restaurant, they give you a plastic cup with a lid, (to use or not). You can also buy a similar pack of them in any baby section of a store. The size is pretty good.

    We like How much is that doggy in the window, ABC, songs from Backyardigans, and Scooby Doo.

    We had the same problem with our zucchini last year. Do you have a very bright light nearby it? We have these street lights that light up the neighborhood like its daytime and it was tricking the plant. So I waited until night to pollinate it with a q tip.

    And the paint, do you have an old paint brush or paint can? Maybe a loose piece of molding with a tiny spot on it? If all else fails, bring home as many similar paint samples as you can find until you find the right color.

  14. Ok, I think I can help with the quilting question.

    First of all, are you using just a regular presser foot or do you have a walking foot? The walking foot is not too pricey, and it causes both layers of the fabric to feed through the machine at the same pace.

    Second, are you using a heavy duty needle? It's a small change that makes a huge difference

    -Are you adjusting your tension to a *low* number when you start to quilt?

    -When you baste the quilt before you start quilting, are you stretching the layers taught and pinning them to the carpet, then basting? I've found that that's the best way to keep things from fouling up in the machine quilting process.

    -lastly, I always start quilting from one side and do my quilting in columns. I have bicycle clips to roll the extra material up and keep it out of the way.

    Dang, it seems that I have a lot to say about machine quilting. Email me at laura.c.wolfe (at) gmail dot com if you have more questions.

    -Captain Laura/VisualGirl from ADL

  15. I know a great kids song that is actually fun to sing: A you're Adorable... by Sharon, lois and Bram. If you need the words to it, pop me an email.

    I just thought of a new game for the two of you. It's called watch for the plum pit!! LOL
    I loved this post. I'm off to think of a burning question...


  16. Good morning!
    Could you take a paint sample to Lowes and have them match it.
    Could the fruit be a fig? My coworker has them on her tree and they are green on the outside and redish inside and seedless. However, maybe there are other colors too.
    I love Raffi CD's for Kinder age. I loved to sing "Shake My Sillies Out" because the song really did do that.

    I am interested in the quilting answer too.

  17. We sing alot of songs around here - lately my youngest daughter's favorite is "Good Day Sunshine" by the Beatles. They also like by the Beatles: Your Bird Can Sing, Drive my car, Dr. Roberts, Yellow Submarine. Other songs: Scarborough Faire, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, Puff the Magic Dragon plus the usual toddler songs like Wheels on the Bus, BINGO, Farmer in the Dell, Wind the Bobbin, etc. Some albums we like: They Might Be Giants - Here Come the ABCs (Terrific) and World Putomayo Folk Songs - both kid stuff that, as an adult, I can hear over and over again.

  18. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Sarah, you are cracking me up with this post - so random and so very much the same way that my mind works! =)

    Since you have TWENTY Walmarts near you, you will be glad to hear that I bought plastic dixie cups there - not sure what the reall brand name is.

    Also, I was so excited to find Lori Berkner and her band when my giril was Jack's age. Also, we LOVE Dan Zanes & Friends her at our house. Another favorite is Old McDonald.

    Hope that some of this helps...

  19. Eensy Weensy Spider!!!

    When my kids were little we had the most awesome tapes we loved even more than Raffi -- but I can't remember the name of the guy. He was from Maine or NH. That makes me sad I can't remember. He had songs called Alligator in the Elevator, Mud, etc. and we'd sing them together at top volume. Maybe my sister will remember his name --- Hey Wait! I googled those songs -- check here:

    No more sad for me! LOL

  20. Anonymous2:42 PM

    My daughters are 25 and 23 and we still love to sing the songs from their childhood.
    They loved Raffi - Baby Beluga and There's a spider on the floor are two that quickly come to mind.
    Sesame Street put out an album called In Harmony - it was wonderful. I think my daughter sang before she talked because of that album. - There was a group I think called Rosenshantz - they had a tv show too - They had lots of albums, their signature song was: Skidamarink a dink a dink
    Skidamarink a doo I love you. fun song with hand motions. We loved show tunes too - Oklahoma, Sound of Music. Have fun singing.

  21. Sara - If you can get a good close up photo of your paint color you can take it to any paint store that has one of those computers they use to make custom colors.

    As for the clue sorry...

    I was a preschool teacher, so songs are not a problem. If you still need some I can email you words to: 5 Little Speckled Frogs, The Other Day I Met A Bear, 5 Monkeys In A Tree, and many many others.

    Also - don't forget the teaching power of good ol' Old McDonald had a farm.... identifying and practicing those animal sounds are always fun and eductional.

    Happy Singing!

  22. Oh...forgot to add...

    About the mini cups. You can get disposable childrens sippy cups or cups with lids and straws in the the isle of your local market/stores with the baby food. They hold six ounces I believe.

    For smaller amounts I like to use the tupperware snack cups. They are not technically for drinking but for bringing salad dressing or single servings of snacks along with you.

    I believe they hold about four ounces and they are nice and squat. Easy for little hands to hold. I have a ton I've gotten from my Tupperware rep or from thrift stores.

  23. Ok, I don't really know about children's ailments, but I really like the Thrifted spice/pill containers, and some of your other finds :).
    Let's see if I can get this to work with me...
    K xo

  24. Anonymous7:03 AM

    well i am still thinking about the "development" you talked about in the first part, i say fight it! i am all about saving open spaces now! :)

  25. I bought a package of mini Solo cups at Target today... exact same size as The Dixie cups (3 oz). It was a BIG package, and we'll never need that many since we reuse them, so if you want to email me your address, I'd be happy to send you some of them. My guys always want a little water by their bed at night, but they don't need much, and as you said, the Dixie cups get mushy.

  26. You know - somehow I don't think I realized that you were in St Louis. I was there, years ago, for a business trip. I was in town for exactly 22 hours. So, I got a good look at my hotel room, and a conference room in some office park, and the airport. I didn't even get to see the archway....

    There was one thing that frustrated me while I was there, because no one I talked to knew the answer to *my* burning question. Heck, I suspect that half the people that I asked didn't even understand my question - b/c it doesn't sound like it makes sense. Anyhow - want to take a stab at it???

    My burning question:

    What *is* St. Louis????

    I mean, how do the native identify themselves. I mean, I'm from Tennessee and Georgia. So I am definitely Southern. And say, Chicago - total midWestern. But what is St Louis? I know it's the "Gateway to the West". But surely it's not Western? Is it midWestern? Something else entirely?

    Inquiring minds want to know...


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