Monday, August 13, 2007

"I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

Last night was a wild, scary ride around here. Shortly after midnight we had thunderstomrs that brought with them 70 mph straight line winds. As if being awoken by random things slamming into our house wasn't bad enough, it was followed by the electric going out. It is not uncommon for our electric company to leave people in the dark for up to 2 weeks, and thought of 2 weeks with no power in 105 degree heat? Well, I nearly wet my pants. Thankfully it was back on around 4 am.
I spent the weekend organizing closets and rearranging shelves. I remember when I was only 11 years old, my first little "boyfriend" commented on my need to clean things when I am agitated. (He turned out to be a very good friend to me well through our college years. Now that I am a mother I am amazed insightful he was at only 11 years old.) Nearly 20 years later I clearly still have that need.

Since the pottery collection has quickly outgrown the bedroom mantle, I took down a long neglected assortment of teapots from the kitchen cabinets and replaced them with pottery. I thrifted this beauty while Jack was at school a few weeks ago. Not a higher end piece of "art" pottery, but easily one of my favorites.
This piece is really small, only about 4 1/2 inches tall. I found this one via Craigslist, of all places!
I bought this tablecloth on the 127 sale. I had tried bidding on it several times on Ebay (in the red colorway), so I was super excited to find it for $5. It is the tablecloth of the week over here.

It looks great with that bright green stool you can see in the right corner. I had been looking for a new chair for Jack for awhile now because I was so sick of cleaning up Jack's plastic booster seat (nearly 2 years of messy toddler meals = serious yuck), so when I saw this old stool at the flea market I snatched it up. It is the perfect height for him and is so much nicer than the folding chair/booster combo. (Although, Jack + no seatbelt at the table can equal a few hair raising moments. He is extremely fidgety. And writing that has caused me to have a flashback to when he thought it was funny to rock so hard in his chair that it would literally walk across the kitchen. Oy.)

*By the way, I had to google that Wizard of Oz quote for the title. Did you know that was what she said? I had no idea it started with "I've a feeling."


  1. What a GREAT tablecloth!!

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I LOVE the tablecloth/stool combo!!! My daughter's room has several vintage spearmint-y colored accent pieces. Very pretty.

  3. That tablecloth is indeed a beaut and looks great with the stool.

    The "no seatbelt" brought the image of mother who always tied the kids to the stool with a dish towel. I had my own fidgety toddler (he has sensory integration disorder) and we got him a stool for the table. I ended up fastening a buckle from an old booster seat to it!!.

  4. I love that little green stool.

    I am the opposite...when I am under stress the first thing I do is become messy. :) You'll be able to enjoy your organized home when the dust settles.

    (not implying your grandpa is know what I mean!) :)

  5. I love your tablecloth (Jack's green chair). I can't believe your luck with tablecloths.

  6. Anonymous3:15 PM

    "I've a feeling"... really? Huh. Mark that down as my something new learned today :-) Love the yummy finds!

  7. Sorry about your scary night.

    The tablecloth and pottery pieces are all lovely. I never find things like that here. :(

  8. Oh I am so glad you got your electricity back that would have been horrible with those temperatures. We had storms last Saturday that woke me up a couple of times, but we were super lucky jus some branches and we still had power. By the way love the new table cloth!

  9. I love the blue vase. Was that the one you found on Craig's list? It reminds me of weller. I love it. I remember a tornado ripping through a town we were staying with on a trip to Missouri. We spent the night under a mattress. Wasn't too fun. Good thing your power went on quickly. If it goes out again, feel free to come and stay with us. Summer seems to have left for the year.

  10. Glad to know you didn't have to "Go it by candlelight" for too long! Love your pottery! cherry

  11. That sounds like it was a very hot evening...kinda like the trip to my grandmother's house, she has a "thing" with the air conditioner..she doesn't like it :(

  12. Glad the storm didn't get too serious! Beautiful pics as usual!

  13. So glad you got your electricity back! This is definitely not the kind of weather to go without it! I was a bit worried ours was going to go out earlier this morning... It's been storming here all morning.

    That tablecloth is lovely next to that green stool! :)

  14. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I must confess that I've been an avid reader of your blog for quite some time now but have never sent you a comment before.I just wanted to say that I will keep your grandpa and you in my prayers.
    I so enjoy your descriptions and your pics.
    Hugs and God bless,

  15. I have never personally been through a tornado, but have experienced straightlines. They can be mighty and scary.

    I am with Stephanie and when things in my life are moving smoothly, my house stays cleaner and more organized. My life has been very topsy turvy so far this yr,so needless to say so has my house.

  16. "I've a feeling" ~ hmmm, no I didn't know that's how it went. Interesting! Glad you weathered the storm well.
    That tablecloth would look great in my kitchen if you get tired of it!

  17. I find cleaning therapeutic as well. Maybe I should stir up some stress on the home front, my house might thank me!

  18. We wanted to make the 127 trip, but my Mom was not really up for it. We went years ago and have always wnted to go back. However, I think now I will just try to make that trek on a non-special event weekend - and eliminate the crowds. I know we will only have the typical thrift/junk/antique stores, but I think it will be better for my mom that way.

    Nice finds for you though. Thanks for coming by Maggie Grace

  19. Musical theatre nerd that I am,I actually did know that quote,it was a fave of me and my equally geeky friends in highschool!
    I remember ABSOLUTELY biding my time to get my littlest out of her plastic seat-belted chair,congrats! I have a feeling ,we have a similar temperament when it comes to aesthetics,it was a happy day when that red/yellow and blue chair went to the goodwill!


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