Monday, August 20, 2007

Milk Money

Jack and I took a long walk up our little road to his friend Joey's house this morning. It was the first day of school for the kids here, and we had the pleasure of watching Joey board the school bus for the first time. He isn't my little one, but I still felt a little choked up watching him climb on the big bus.

Jack kept telling me that he REALLY wanted to get on that bus now mama! And why, oh why, couldn't he ride the bus too? Soon enough, sweetheart, soon enough. Don't rush your poor old mama.

I love the first day of school. It is the one day when I miss teaching. It is also the one day when I miss being a student. Freshly sharpened pencils, a new backpack and lunchbox, the smell of new crayons, milk money jingling in my pocket...

We picked up quite a few treasures on our walk. Plenty of green acorns, pine cones and a grand total of 26 cents! Not a bad chunk of milk money for the first day of school, eh?
The coins we picked up made me think about all of the things you can buy with 26 cents. So, I did a quick run through the house and took a few photos of the things I have picked up for a quarter at garage sales. I bought the cake carrier above sometime last year for 25 cents (missing it's handle). It is living on my currently revamped kitchen shelf with the yellow one I bought a few weeks ago.

The tablecloth was my very first one! Also bought for a quarter when we lived in Florida. (And look at what that one tablecloth started. My collection is now nearing 120 cloths.)
Sweet little duck embroidery, bought for 25 cents sometime this summer. It needs a nice mat and a white frame. Excuse the hard to take photo there, it is actually rainy here today. Shocker, LOL.

Do you have a favorite "milk money" treasure?


  1. I was just thinking today that perhaps one of the favorite reasons I like fall is because it held the promise of so many starts - the start of school, the start of work, the start of teaching. I like the sharpened pencils and new notebook feel too. :)

  2. I loved fall as a kid for the same reasons...especially new school clothes! But, now that I teach in the summer I enjoy that too. It's a more laid back pace and I can enjoy my students and play more. This was a lovely post. You are really creating such a beautiful diary that blends life with Jack with your own interests and hobbies.

  3. Anonymous3:50 AM

    Its always that innocent yard sale item that starts the snowball :)

  4. Anonymous4:02 AM

    For a quarter, I can get Madeline a yogurt drink. Not really a treasure, but pretty good.

    When I was a kid, I used to take my 25-cent allowance and buy a shiny sticker, nearly every week. Those were treasures to me at the age of six!

  5. What a great post. I was lame and saved up the week for an ice-cream on Friday.

  6. Nice treasure you have there! I love the embroidered ducks. I think in San Diego I can get a piece of gum from the gumball machine. Nothing is that cheaper around here!

  7. I love your "milk money " challenge!
    In high School I bought a tooled leather belt for 25 cents that I still wear. It was too big at the time,so I had to punch more cinching holes,now the originally intended notches work fine.

  8. i think my favorite milk money find would have to be the gallon bag full of unopened vintage trim. for a quarter. and their were two. fifty cents total. one happy mama!

  9. I was thinking about this post all was so cute.

    I got a plaid blanket for a quarter 15 years ago. I carried it to tons of parties that summer, my 21st (strange, I know), and it's been with me ever since. I always said it was the best quarter I've ever spent. :)

  10. Anonymous9:36 PM

    I am clearly going to all the wrong sales cuz I can't think of one thing that I've bought for a quarter! Smooches for that eager boy. My kids want to ride the bus too. Sometimes we go downtown and just ride the city bus around until we have our fill :-)

  11. Love that sweet ducky embroidery! I can't believe you got it for a 25 cents only. I defininitely have to go thrifting with you because I'm not as lucky as you are.

    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Hi Sarah! Some sweet thrifting finds you've collected this summer! Hope you don't start getting overrun with it like I have been! yikes! Hope you and the sweet boy enjoy the pending Fall weather.
    jen duncan (dot typepad dot com)

  13. We used to be able to go to Thrifty Drugs and buy an ice cream cone for a quarter. I had a yard sale one time and was selling a beautiful crystal butter dish. This lady was mad that I was asking a dollar and said she could have bought it back home in "her state" for a quarter. made me so mad....LOL

  14. The first day of school always brings back so many memories for me as well!!! Being young with such hopes for the new school year, friends, supplies...
    I miss teaching on the first day of school as well. It was always so fun putting up buletin board and preparing for the children!!!
    My daughter is in 5th grade and I still get a little teary eyed as she heads off to the first day of school.

    When I was a kid my mom and I bought an orange(red) Fiesta pitcher for 50 cents. My mom hated the color and gave it to me. She has always wanted me to sell it and get something prettier (last time I checked it was worth 50 dollars). But I keep it around just to remind me of the day.

  15. great scores, and im still praying for your grandfather!


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